ChimpZZ Sizes just for reference, I took all measurement manually with caliper. It is my first model and I will appreciate comments what to improve. It is an export-oriented and domestically-manufactured manufacturing enterprise specializing in computer and industrial water cooling equipment and precision hardware components. Add to Cart. There's a strip of velcro in my case that I use to kind of secure it, I would say its not doing a fantastic job, and that hard-lining contributes to its stability the most. : 309.70 x 87.40 x 94.10mm; Reservoir Capacity: 300ml x3. Adding to this is their new MCP655-PWM pump that offers increased compatibility with PWM controllers, while retaining the reliability, performance, and quiet … Der schwarze Deckel besitzt zwei G1/4-Zoll-Anschlüsse und eine integrierte RGB-Beleuchtung.Diese ist adressierbar und kompatibel zu ASUS Aura Sync, ASRock Polychrome Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light … Some have an included D5 Pump. Alphacool Eisball Reservoir and D5 Pump Top, Digital RGB, Plexi ... Alphacool Eisball Reservoir and D5 Pump Top, Digital RGB, Plexi. In this version the reservoir also features an LED ring with digital LEDs. Can't see it any of your pictures. Posted in Console Gaming, By As low as $209.99 EKWB EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 200 … I don't want it in the top half of the case, though. Er dient der Montage eines Reservoirs. Alphacool Eisstation 40 DC-LT Pump Top and Reservoir. $47.99 Alphacool Eisstation 80 DC-LT Pump Top ... Alphacool Eisball Reservoir and D5 Pump Top, Digital RGB, Plexi. Started 6 minutes ago XSPC combines in the finest way a powerful Laing D5 top with a functional reservoir where the benefIt?s higher with this top, than with the regular top! Hmm, wouldn't an EK X-RES 140 (D5) + a multi-port top meet your requirements? It's a semi-passive so I was hoping to have it facing up so the hot air could rise on its own and the fan wouldn't have to spin up. It is my first model and I will appreciate comments what to improve. O-Rings Buna 50 Black: Stop Fitting O-Rings. Started 12 minutes ago Started 5 minutes ago Powered by Invision Community,,,,,,, Alphacool Eisstation VPP - Solo Reservoir, D5. Started 6 minutes ago can get creative and use the 80mm tube body for a fatter look. Posted in Cases and Mods, By woody30 Update: I found what I was looking for at my usual supplier after all, their site sucks... Pump mod:, Res body:, Top: The cooling is different with respect to the framework, during which it is thermalized. XSPC Twin D5 Dual 5.25" Bay Clear Reservoir - Dual Laing D5 / MCP655 Sheer combined power! Makes it really difficult to figure out what can fit and what cannot. 1x Alphacool Eisdecke DDC/D5 Reservoir; 1x Bubble Down; 1x Allen key . Sold Out. TWD 2,790.00 ( Tax excl. ) Height needs to be ~150mm, it needs to have at least two G1/4 threads in the top (fluid return + fill port), and at least one in the bottom (pump exhaust). Code of Conduct -- Legal Issues -- Moderators  -- Provide feedback! Alphacool Eisstation 80 DC-LT Pump Top and Reservoir. Noctua fans wont spin with 2 pin adapter for power supply fan but other brands do? Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5 Plus Addressable RGB LED 5-Speed Adjustable D5 Pump/Reservoir Combo 3-Port G 1/4" Thread Tt LCS Certified Cooling CL-W187-PL00SW-A 4.4 out of 5 stars 498 $189.99 $ 189 . The black lid has two G1 / 4-inch connections and integrated RGB lighting . Nifty and compact Laing D5 reservoir with integrated top. The D5 Vario pump features exceptional performance and unrivalled reliability. XSPC combines in the finest way a powerful Laing D5 top with a functional reservoir where the benefIt's higher with this top, than with the regular top! Bitspower D5 TOP Reservoir RGB (Acrylic) BP-D5RPAC-RGB. ChimpZZ Bykski D5 Pump / 100mm PMMA Reservoir Combo - Black w/ RBW (B-NWD5-F60) $127.99. Quick View. They do for the XRES Revo D5, but even that one is missing some distances. The D5 Vario pump features exceptional performance and unrivalled reliabilit The principle: On the bottom there is space for the Laing D5 or VPP655 pump and in the front or on top the inlet and outlet. Posted in Troubleshooting, By Add to wishlist Add to Cart. It has 8 ports with 6 inlets and 2 outlets. Using only ultra strong cast acrylic, extra-thick reservoir walls, CNC polishing, unibody heat sinks and zero acrylic screw threads, the Optimus D5 Reservoir is the highest quality and most reliable D5 pump/res combo on the market. Notice: The 4 screws holding the container is mounted must only be tightened finger-tight (0,4Nm). Posted in Power Supplies, By | See details . Very sneaky. Nickel996 You can get a pump res combo unit and place it horizontally, as for other options there are mini D5pump res units like these: 150mm D5 Tube reservoirs come fitted with a D5 Pump Top. In addition, the reservoir has an extremely large filling opening with a diameter of 55 mm. Posted in Console Gaming, By As per my other thread here, it seems the SPC-60 pump is just too loud, despite being the perfect size and price. Barrow reservoir and top for D5 pump. $73.99. This latest revision has a redesigned cavity structure that maximizes flow rate and head. The most recently added is the vertical mount: MMRS-MT-VRT, which was probably designed with the SAP D5 pump mount in mind, but can be attached to any reservoir end cap. Overview. With the use of thick glass in a rectangular form factor for the reservoir and integrated RGB lighting, it offers color options via LEDs or a coolant of your choice. Anyone have any thoughts? Quick View. And having tried two pumps now, I have to start looking at other options. Started 21 minutes ago With the pump mounted like that, does the top(the acrylic part) fit underneath the PSU cover? Thanks! The Bitspower Dual D5 Mod Top Extreme combines the power of two D5 / MCP655 pumps and puts them in series. The reservoir supports both the Vario and PWM models of the D5. (edit: I guess you can't see this too well from the angles I posted, but the acrylic protrusion where the fittings attach is just millimeters away from touching the side panel). January 23rd, 2019. Bykski D5 Pump / 230mm Aluminum Reservoir Combo w/ Armor - Black (B-NWD5+CT230) $132.99. This reservoir can reach up to 1135 L per hour, which is enough to cool a very large PC without problems. The D5 Tank reservoir is a compact reservoir for the powerful and reliable D5 pump. $47.99. Pacific PR22-D5 Reservoir/Pump Combo ... Also, users can easily open out the top cap, cleaning the reservoir thoroughly. Only have 250mm total height (from bottom to top of top fitting). It is designed to be used with a D5 pump. These innovative and modders-oriented bracket allows for both bottom and side panel mounting. Started 11 minutes ago It has 8 ports with 6 inlets and 2 outlets. Another feature is the new holder to give the entire unit a stable footing and complete the overall visual image. Stand Offs Brass: M4 6mm. Download 3D-file (.stp) - with DDC Top . Started 5 minutes ago Acetal features options for knurl or no knurl edges. I need it to be decoupled and I don't want to drill holes in this case (the bottom of the case is already full of mounting holes, which is partly why I want to stick things down there.) It's easy! X2. Bitspower D5 TOP Reservoir Digital RGB (POM) BP-D5RPP-DRGB TWD 2,790.00 (Tax excl.) Started 23 minutes ago Winning bid: £22.00 [ 2 bids] Postage: May not post to United States - Read item description or contact seller for postage options.
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