No costly and time-consuming sanding, sealing, or staining required to maintain the color … Riser 2 AZEK Harvest Collection® Rim Joist Covers/Fasica - Kona® - 12' AZEK Stair Step 1 AZEK XLM® Deck Plank, Grooved - RusticBark - 12' AZEK Railing Section 1 TT/AZEK CableRail 36" Stair Intermediate Baluster [1 angled 9-hole baluster, 1 intermediate base plate, 1 #10x2" pan head screw, 3 #10x1 flat head screws] - Silver AZEK Page 7. $4.24 a L/FT *denotes a special order Non Stock color Kona only available in Solid Edge. In fact, Azek costs anywhere from $120 to $140 for a 16-foot board. They noticed the decking was “fading and discoloring” eight months after it was installed, and the problems got worse over time. Azek Decking. Paired with white AZEK Premier Rail, this creates a lovely and striking appearance that welcomes all to relax and enjoy low maintenance, stain- and scratch-resistant AZEK Deck. Azek is quite a bit more expensive than Trex. Brownstone, Kona, Autumn Chestnut, Slate Gray, and Island Oak are available in various lengths depending on your project needs. Azek Vinyl Decking - Harvest Collection *Brownstone. The couple installed Azek decking from the Harvest Collection at their home in March 2011. Our Most Comparable Composite To AZEK. AZEK Decking is manufactured by AZEK Building Products in Scranton, PA. AZEK decking is composed of PVC and is stain and scratch resistant. TimberTech® is an AZEK® sister company.) The AZEK Deck Harvest Collection features five different color options, including earthy brownstone and slate clay that brighten up any deck space, and a deep brown Kona, which resembles a well-maintained hardwood surface. Item #2366327 Model #ADCB15512BS. With three calming and subdued finishes, the Harvest Collection achieves high design with understated color choices. AZEK Harvest Collection’s earthy Brownstone will brighten up almost any deck space. Some … In essence, this collection gets you the look of real wood with the scratch and stain resistance customers expect with TimberTech Azek® products. For purposes of this warranty, a residential Purchaser shall refer to a single-family residential homeowner. Features. Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews LEED Details Sheet ... AZEK Deck's Arbor Collection resembles the warm, vibrant tones of exotic wood. The premium AZEK product line is now known as TimberTech AZEK and backed by a 50-Year Warranty. Timbertech AZEK Harvest Collection Kona Fascia boards are engineered to withstand your common everyday use with its unique stain resistance and scratch-resistant features. AZEK Product Line | DECK & PORCH Harvest Collection ‰ Slate Gray Brownstone Island Oak™ Autumn Chestnut™ NEW! | | 1 AZEK ® AND ... or Legacy Collection decking (the “Product”). This hike in price is due mainly to the fact that Azek has a reputation for being a more durable product than Trex. Dimensions Available: All deck boards are 1″ x 5 1/2″ Fascia (1/2″ x 11 3/4″): 12′ Write a review. All deck boards are 1″ thick and 5½″ wide. This product line is a premium capped polymer decking and backed by a 50-Year Warranty. Azek Vinyl Decking - Arbor Collection *Acacia . AZEK capped polymer deck boards with Alloy Armour Technology contain no wood and feature superior surface protection from stains, mold, and mildew. $4.31 a L/FT *Hazelwood. Kona‰ Acacia ‰Morado‰ Silver Oak Mountain Redwood™ Brazilian Walnut Arbor Collection‰ HazelwoodTM NEW! Address: 71 Buttermill Ave. Vaughan, ON, L4K 3X2. TimberTech Azek® Deck’s Arbor Collection is engineered specifically to mimic the deep vibrancy of exotic woods. AZEK® Deck’s Harvest Collection. All without the maintenance of real wood. Even spilled wine, fruit punch, and hamburger grease are no match for AZEK Deck Harvest Collections stain resistance. Enjoy the beauty and benefits of the AZEK Deck Harvest Collection: Timbertech composite decking. Get the much desired look of tropical hardwoods, but with the scratch and stain resistance that you have come to expect with AZEK Deck. $3.68 a L/FT *Kona. Shop TimberTech AZEK Harvest MAX 12-ft Slate Gray Square PVC Deck Board in the Composite Deck Boards department at Lowe' TimberTech AZEK® Harvest Collection (Better) Effortless style and classic beauty. View TimberTech Azek Deck Collections 62 The AZEK Company reviews. AZEK’s Harvest Collection provides homeowners with traditional colorways that coordinate well with many home colors. The Vintage Collection is the designer series with colors, styles, and three board widths to complement architectural features seen in mid-century and modern home designs. Timbertech - Azek Technical and Installation Information Timbertech - Azek Tools Required Timbertech - Azek Fastener Info Timbertech - Azek Pros and Cons Plans & Resources. Featuring soft calming tones and traditional cathedral wood-grain embossing that enhances your relaxing outdoor oasis. TimberTech AZEK Harvest 12-ft Brownstone Square PVC Deck Board. We love, love, love our Azek decking (Morado color which I believe is in the Arbor Collection) It sat covered in plastic in the Caribbean heat and rain for 6 months and it was perfect when we came to install it - not one section of moldy decking :) We did install 12" on … All Harvest deck boards are 1″ x 5 1/2″ Width options: 3 … AZEK: Harvest, Arbor, & Vintage 5.50” 1” AZEK: Grooved Decking 1” 5.50” Working with AZEK Deck Boards DECK PRODUCTS SQUARE SHOULDERED LENGTHS GROOVED LENGTHS FASCIA ½" x 11¾" All Deck Boards 1" x 5½" 12' 16' 20' 12' 16' 20' 12' HARVEST COLLECTION Kona HARVEST COLLECTION Brownstone, Slate Gray HARVEST COLLECTION Island Oak, Autumn Chestnut ARBOR COLLECTION … This beautiful TimberTech deck was built with AZEK Harvest Collection decking in slate gray. Harvest Collection boards are monochromatic and boast a painted wood look. Comprised of soft, natural shades, this collection complements most home's exteriors and offers a traditional cathedral wood grain pattern. $4.24 a L/FT *Island Oak. Many of these tried and true decking colours that establish unquestioned reputation for superior innovation and quality. $3.68 a L/FT *Autumn Chestnut. The Azek Decking line includes Azek Harvest Collection, Azek Arbor Collection, & Azek Vintage Collection. Price Per Lineal (running) Foot: Harvest Collection - $4.39 and $4.78 Arbor Collection - $5.49 Vintage Collection - $6.07 NOTE - Arbor and Vintage Collections plus Autumn Chestnut and Island Oak are not available Square Shouldered (plain sides) in … Many of these tried and true decking colors helped establish our unquestioned reputation for superior innovation and quality. Explore Our Trex Decking Selection. Now apart of the TimberTech family, AZEK also features three major collections: Vintage Collection. AZEK decking captures the aesthetic of real wood, but lasts longer, stays cooler in the hotter months, and retains its color. $4.31 a L/FT *Brazilian Walnut. TimberTech® AZEK® Decking boasts a natural wood grain visual through proprietary technology and premium design. Use Current Location. Azek Harvest Collection. As the outdoor living sector of the company, TimberTech goes against the grain by offering low-maintenance, beautiful products that leverage innovations in material science to make world-class products. This low maintenance material is available in White, Tahoe, Sedona, Clay, Brownstone, Kona, Fawn, Slate Gray, Acacia, Redland Rose and Morado. Harvest Collection® Info. For its part, Trex tends to collect mildew and dirt a little more than Azek , and the same wood fibers that help give it a natural look can make it more susceptible to moisture. We also offer decking collections called TimberTech PRO and TimberTech EDGE.This broader range of products gives you the quality you deserve, and the all-around best in design, durability, and creative inspiration. TimberTech Azek® Arbor Collection Decking. An Azek decking review on finds that sunscreen, insect repellent, greasy food and wine may stain the decking and that owners should only place large planters or barbecues over joists to avoid sagging. AZEK decking comes in three design collections—Vintage, Arbor, and Harvest. $3.68 a L/FT *Slate Grey. Some kinds of Azek … AZEK Arbor Collection The desired look of tropical hardwoods, but with the scratch and stain resistance. Choose Archadeck of Charlotte to be your TimberTech deck builder. Each of the above decking product styles has been developed with a particular home in mind. sophisticated, natural-looking colors AZEK’s true decking colors helped establish their unquestioned reputation for superior innovation and quality. Azek Click on the logo to the right for more info. Harvest: This collection makes use of high performing material to ensure that the decking is both long-lasting and durable. AZEK Harvest Collection has a soft, calming color palette married with high–performance materials to create an outdoor living space that is both classic and enduring. Azek, because it is fully PVC, expands and contracts more than Trex, making it more prone to cracking, especially in areas where there is a dramatic swing from cold to extremely hot temperatures. The boards feature soft and relaxing colors to create an inviting and classic look and feel to your outdoor space. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. AZEK Harvest Collection The value-priced AZEK decking offering with all the AZEK decking benefits. Refining and redefining what decking means, AZEK Deck Harvest Collection Boards have been engineered to withstand the everyday things that happen on a deck. AZEK® Deck’s Harvest Collection offers a pleasing palette of soft shades that complement the most popular home exterior colors. TimberTech, as part of The AZEK Company, is dedicated to converting the building products industry from its uninspiring past to its dynamic and sustainable future. However, this isn’t always the case. If you’re looking to create something like a dock or boardwalk, this is the ideal material. AZEK Deck's Brownstone, part of the Harvest Collection, is a pleasing and popular tried and true decking color that is a soft shade of brown. Reviews. With a pleasing palette of soft shades that complement the most popular home exterior colours. AZEK Decking. The Harvest Collection decking lineup is the perfect solution for those, who are looking to build an outdoor oasis. Harvest and Vintage Collection® MAX Boards . The Harvest and Vintage MAX is a board that’s 1.5” thick, and it can be installed 24” on center. The review also cautions that tarps and awnings may cause water damage. On This Deck Network Show Mike & Matt Talk about Azek Decking for 2017. Description. AZEK Deck's Harvest Collection offers a pleasing palette of soft shades that complement the most popular siding colors. A negative review on states that insect repellent stains the deck. $4.31 a L/FT *Silver Oak. Timbertech AZEK Fascia Boards are the leading brand of ultra-low maintenance Fascia. Get Pricing and Availability . MAX Deck Boards are 1.5" thick; can be installed 24" on center and is the perfect solution for boardwalks, docks, and some commercial applications Since AZEK Deck’s don’t fade, you can rest assured your deck will continue to look great for years to come.