How durable is dasso.XTR? dassoXTR's patented exterior bamboo deck is the ultimate exterior solution for both commercial or residential deck applications. Wood decks typically use exotic hardwoods that are sourced from South America, where deforestation is an environmental concern. } Bamboo Decking. XTR strand woven Siding is a unique blend of architectural design and environmentally sound materials to create a durable and visually stimulating exterior surface. Solid Bamboo Decking, Engineered Bamboo Decking, Strand Woven Bamboo Decking, Other . Bamboo decking and the environment. This video is unavailable. Dasso.XTR is a durable bamboo product designed for outdoor applications. Decking. Lames de Terrasse - en composite - WPC DECKING - long 2.20 m. 39. Dasso XTR is one of the world leaders in exterior grade bamboo with this kind of history. Bamboo decking has a short grow cycle of 4-6 years. Press release Production and distribution of Bamboo X-treme ® decking boards remain unaffected . Some of the key players operating in this market include Moso, Yoyu, Dasso, Jiangxi Feiyu, Tengda, Jiangxi Shanyou, Sinohcon, Kangda, Kanger Group, Tianzhen Bamboo, US Floors Inc, Teragren Bamboo . The modified bamboo strands are then fused together using phenolic resin – the same resins used to make bowling balls. Dasso is developed using a unique process of combining 87% natural, fused strand bamboo fibers and 13% resin. – /m²  Dalles Ipe à poser Dalle de Terrasse - en bois éxotiques - LES CAILLEBOTIS - long 50 cm. The PTAB Final Decision only strengthened Dasso's '578 Patent, including the pending claims against an infringer at Delaware Federal Courts. All of our bamboo deck … 1 was here. For best results, dassoXTR should be kept out . Dasso Bamboo . function MM_preloadImages() { //v3.0 ... Click here to view the PTAB Final Decision, Residential & Light Commercial Deck Project, Fences, Privacy Screens and Gates Project, Backyard Kitchen and Custom Woodwork Project, dassoXTR Exterior Bamboo Decking vs. Ipe Decking, dassoXTR Compared to Other Bamboo Decking, Decking Installation, Maintenance & Warranty, Porch Flooring Installation, Maintenance & Warranty, RainClad Siding Installation, Maintenance & Warranty, Soffit Installation, Maintenance & Warranty, Where to buy bamboo deck in Los Angeles, CA, Where to buy Moso Bamboo deck in San Francisco, CA, Where to buy bamboo deck in San Diego, CA, Click here to view the PTAB Final Decision. Bamboo lumber is both … Innovation révolutionnaire DASSO-XTR®. With this decking, you can enjoy indoor/outdoor living all year long. We Provide one window solution for provisioning to complete installation. dassoXTR Fused Bamboo® is manufactured using dasso's patented process, which combines two stages of high heat to first carbonize the bamboo, removing all of the starch and sugar, and then restructure the bamboo, reinforcing its natural strength characteristics. for Site visit feel free to contact us. Read More. In a stunning rebuke, PTAB judges denied all claims by this infringer challenging the validity and patentability of Dasso's '578 U.S. patent. Our Services. Beautiful, durable and easier to install than hardwoods or composite materials. Dasso Bambusterrassen sind extrem dauerhaft und hart im Nehmen. If this is you, then this solution is well worth checking out. Innovation révolutionnaire DASSO-XTR®. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a price or your closest point of sale. dassoXTR is not your regular bamboo decking. Der Rohstoff kommt aus nachhaltiger Bewirtschaftung bäuerlicher Betriebe im Zentrum von China. Packaged in 3-packs at 6' lengths with end T&G to create smooth board to board transition. Things like the age of the bamboo, the type of adhesive used in the weaving, and the pattern of the weaving will all come into play. Une véritable alternative écologique qui préserve les forêts tropicales grâce à l’inépuisable ressource du Bambou. Unwoven bamboo (not as resilient) will cost you around $20 per square meter. … Most top down installed fastener will leave a gap wider than 1/4”, this is because the space is necessary to allow driver to reach screwhead. The end result is a dense, beautiful, long lasting product that is resistant to bacteria, fungus, mold, and bugs. DassoXTR (expresso colour) and CTECH (cognac colour) Fused Bamboo Decking and Cladding is the superior choice for all exterior applications and has been used worldwide in many commercial and residential projects. The invalidity challenge to Dasso's '578 Patent was bought on by an infringer in an attempt to legitimatize its actions. SELL YOUR PRODUCTS * my archiexpo English. Jun 18, 2014 - Fused Bamboo Decking. Innovation révolutionnaire DASSO-XTR®. See more ideas about bamboo decking, bamboo, exterior. "))>0&&parent.frames.length) { How is it made? Janka hardness scale, an industry standard that rates the relative hardness of wood, measuring its r… Every planks is 6 feet long with tongue and groove on each end and they are reversable. MOSO ® Bamboo benefits. _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-47182703-1']); Dasso Cladding . dassoXTR Fused Bamboo Decking Storage and Handling . Every planks is 6 feet long with tongue and groove on each end and they are reversable. //--> ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? Oct 8, 2016 - dassoXTR project gallery to see the many applications dassoXTR exterior bamboo products have been used around the World compliant and installs 30% faster. else if (document.all) document.all[''+id+''].style.visibility = "visible" dasso USA, is the exclusive licensee of dasso brand of products. Bamboo decking has a short grow cycle of 4-6 years.