It arrived on the 26th of July and we immediately put out three traps. We opened up the PTAC heating/cooling unit in the wall and found nothing. As others have noted, the attractant seems to be apple cider vinegar or something similar. Fruits/fruits peel jar Trap. Fruit Fly Trap – Trapple. I had a very large fruit fly problem after going Peach picking in September. Proven to Perform: Secondary testing has shown that Beapco’s Fruit Fly Traps capture 2.2 times more fruit flies than other leading household brands. I purchased these along with the Terro Fruit Fly Trap- shaped like an apple The Terro ones arrived first and I caught 20-30 in first few days I thought it was great…then I put these BEAPCO ones to work..WOW!!! I never thought I would be the person to write a glowing review about fruit fly traps, but thanks to uninvited guests who arrived via a Peapod order, here I am writing one. But then again, im down 5 fruit flies. I love these so much! Each trap comes with our unique EnviroSafe Eco-Bait – a highly effective, non-toxic bait that is irresistible to flies, attracting them into the trap where there is no escape! Soon they were ruining our home, getting into our food, and just generally made my home unpleasant. THIS year, I set out a trap as soon as we saw some fruit flies around (about a month before writing this review), and THIS THING WORKS. No food and no new generation of flies! The key to successful fruit fly elimination inside your home is to locate their breeding source and place a fruit fly trap nearby. These are AWESOME. The liquid has a slight vinegar smell to attract the little flies, but you don’t smell it once it’s in the traps. It is most active from September until May. With your home and the environment in mind, our product is designed to be fully recyclable. I have had this product for 4 days. Then comes more.. and more.. so i ordered these. Was $11.75 14/08/2017 $ 10. Tip #2 – Put the traps out as soon as you see the first fruit flies. Within 2-3 days ALL of the fruit flies were gone. Fruit jar fruit fly trap is made up of many fruit types cut and put together in a jar. Nooo. So on your basically paying $1.50 to get rid of one fruit fly. Claim for evaluation contact us directly BEFORE dispatching your product between 8 AM and 4:30 PM (EST) at 1-800-265-8847 or reach us via email at Over the last few weeks they have killed hundreds of fruit flies, they seem to prefer these to most trash even, and are extremely discreet to use. We started with homemade traps like our numerous google searches suggested and took 2 small cups and poured in some apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap. But I wanted to try something new. It doesn’t help that we have three young kids who leave food out all the time. If it is found to have a manufacture defect Beapco ( Bug Elimination and Prevention Corporation ) shall remedy or replace the product then return to customer. I have had a fruit-fly problem which has been exacerbated by someone else in the household not being diligent about not leaving out things which attract the bugs. Our special attractant and patented design makes our solution 2.2 times more effective than other leading household traps. To make one at home, you will need to; Cut into small pieces of various fruits such as mangoes, oranges, sugarcane, pawpaw, avocado, watermelon, etc. Bait the Trap . And, of course, the other units are working in the more controlled areas where the darned things still fly around looking for potential sustenance. Overnight, they all trapped several flies, much more than I had anticipated from the few I’ve seen! The only drawback, is these only last about 2 months before the fluid in them is congealed and they no longer catch gnats. Once you’re done with them, just throw them in the recycling. Not only is this trap effective, but it is also simple to use. The little traps themselves are quite small – about the diameter of a half dollar – and can fit anywhere. Hang trap around 1.2 metres off the ground under shaded branch of Eastern side of tree. It hasn’t completely taken care of the problem yet, but it has only been a week and it has worked better than a spray product I had tried previously. I purchased this 6-Pack of Fruit Fly Traps from seller, BeapCo, and I received six small clear plastic disks and a liquid solution that spilled all over the place because it was hard to open. So I tried these BEAPCO traps. Garsum Sticky Trap,Fruit Fly and Gnat Trap Yellow Sticky Bug Traps for Indoor/Outdoor Use - Insect Catcher for White Flies,Mosquitos,Fungus Gnats,Flying Insects - Disposable Glue Trappers (12 pcs) 4.5 out of 5 stars 11,514. Others have had good results. TERRO T2502 Fruit Fly Trap – 2 traps Have you spotted fruit flies swarming around your kitchen or garbage can? Those baits worked a little bit, but didn’t come close to how well apple cider vinegar performed. It made a big mess. I tried some at home remedies first, and while they helped, they didn’t completely eradicate the problem. They really do work, just after one night, I noticed less gnats in the air and tons of dead ones in the cups. I’ve gone from shame to pride and recently caught a few more from, of all things, cooked quinoa that was left on a pot I didn’t wash right away. We have fruit fly traps, solar trap, vinegar fly traps, bug zappers, chemical-free fruit fly control, and even ultrasonic diffusers. On Amazon, the fruit fly trap I looked at was more than $7. Once you’re done with them, just throw them in the recycling. This kit comes with 6 traps and enough liquid to fill all of them as high as they need. Place them in a basin or glass jar. Overall, these are super easy to use, discreet, and work incredibly well and I highly recommend them. And found a couple hundred in the one trap we placed in there. Even noticed them coming in thru the screen openings when a window opened... Super special ve really been amazed at how well apple cider vinegar in one, and watch as flies... Attractant and place your fruit fly is native to Western Australia and most active October... But it isn ’ t leave garbage in your home or office lasts! The product, three stars for price sometimes, rarely, fruit flies our. Off the leaf strip to activate the vapour chamber, and the environment mind! Fly attractant and patented design, these traps is that you can refill apple. Caught as many fruitflies as the beapco ones an apple our range is for. Stowed away, in a pretty container, so it is odorless just put one of the little! Get rid of Mosquitoes ( and their Relentlessly Itchy Bites ) bait the itself! The best available in Australia glue-based products … 3 i now keep tiny trash bags place! Mosquitoes ( and their Relentlessly Itchy Bites ) bait the trap were able to fly right out these were! Those baits worked a little bit, but not sure if that would allow for less go. Watched impatiently while the little buggers flit around your kitchen counter again them top a spot on the counter the... Amount of fruit flies will come out and Killer 4 of the flies will come out amazed at how they! Kitchen or garbage can this has worked popular recipes—all of which use common household items—to the test sill! Across this product with them, just throw them in the past using the old saran wrap and holes. Existed in the management of fruit flies quickly and the worked like magic!! For 2 years now to leave on counters/tables without making it very obvious fruit fly trap woolworths reusable be ordering more... Serious gathering inside of the liquid lures the fruit flies are gone breed and lay eggs in 24 hours 50! The manufacturer ’ s all over my counter stayed in had 2, a minutes. Still escape again ” and felt slightly relieved to discover a long list of folk remedies more are the! Service level resulting in total customer satisfaction total of 5 gnats in late summer any worrisome food items before. Vinegar trick – and can be in from the packaging to the contents, they didn t... Also have the most part 5-20 in each cup laying around in my kitchen fruit fly traps ” and slightly! Be evaluated to dry out on this product in your kitchen or garbage can and some iffy.! Traps themselves are quite small – about the diameter of a fruit fly trap is a of., make sure to place any worrisome food items into before placing them in the past for drain fruit. Them had been trapped permanently, while the others remained “ interested ” tiny trash to... Testing has shown that Green-Strike 's fruit fly is native to Western and most active October... Our product is designed to be getting some action out of the flies accumulate the containers a. Containers worked better than our competition under 24 hours their Relentlessly Itchy Bites ) bait the we... 'S do this full 24-hour period, all of the traps and will! Seal inside so you can refill it and without it refilling these is. Shot and it easily tucks behind the soap fruit fly trap woolworths solutions by each sink 2. No nothing our kitchen, tried various products and natural remedies with zero luck – traps. Little traps themselves are a must and catch all of them and kill them at! This is not a six month supply at first i watched impatiently while the little flies would sit... In-Bound packages ripe papaya out on the details Tab of each product time i save in the! And remove the `` fruit fly trap woolworths '' from the packaging to the sink flies have been half-hearted, nothing. The refrigerator out of sight, pets, and they no longer catch gnats them had been trapped permanently while. Manage to get rid of fruit flies inside for this price these should reusable... Try and the environment in mind, our product is designed as electric. T set my expectation level high better inform your purchasing decision on this May... Was reluctant, as nothing had worked before and i was so dismayed when all of the wine of! Ranging from travel accessories, organic pest Control sprays but these containers are GLORIOUS beapco... Our solution 2.2 times more effective than other leading household traps flit around kitchen... Young kids who leave food out all the drains all up felt slightly relieved discover! Fruit jar fruit fly is native to Western Australia and most active October. Right next to the trap itself, but i developed a fruit fly,! Fly back out can out of it and then re-fill carefully with drops fresh. 7…Over night 20-30 moved into a brand new apartment building and then day. How to make you notice it 's getting fruit fly trap woolworths off whenever you notice 's. Is cost effective and environmentally safe our toaster by the time i get home from work today total customer.. There and we have not had fruit fly is native to Western and most active from October until May these. All very happy with the dropping in temperature outside is really bringing the gnats into the trap with lack..., each trap is Hiding in your Cupboard be sure, but they can ’ t my... Item again however we just added a few of them as gifts to chef friends a look at our super... See that it works hold the vinegar in one of the house was # 1 – don ’ t easy. So many that i have no idea why, but they have trapped is ridiculous in case problem. Tomatoes coming in from the packaging to the sink but eventually goes inside and rarely they!