Wire a 4 Channel Amp To 6 Speakers When you wire more speakers with an amp than the capacity, it increases load. Run RCA cables from head unit to the amp and run speaker wire from head unit to amp then run the speaker wire from the amp to the speakers themself I’ve got an example diagram you can see here. These are standard colors for audio outputs for both car and home stereo. Hi MJ and thanks for dropping by! 5. (See my recommendations at the end for some great models). If you need to connect just 2 pair of speakers to a HiFi stereo amplifier (that is, 2 speakers to 1 amp), see my article on How to connect 2 speakers to 1 amplifier. An amp wiring kit like this one will make installing your 4 channel amp much easier. Any suggestions on how to use this setup. The self powered sub needs 2 speaker inputs. 5 channel amplifiers have a mono bass channel it will produce a mono signal output. Optionally, you can also use a line level converter to provide RCA outputs and use the RCA connection(s) if you like. Using this, you can run RCA cables to your amplifier. I think your LOC may be defective – it’s definitely possible. Even a pair like these value-priced ones will be fine in most cases. Hi there. Powered crossovers used to be fairly common since back in the day, not all car amps had built-in crossover functions or they were more limited. Metra and other manufacturers make installation adapters so you can search for those as well. It depends on where you’re going to put the 6x9s. There’s no need to spend an excessive amount of money on speaker wire. If yes, that leads me to believe it’s either installation related or the speakers won’t perform well in the doors as they are now. How to Install a 4 Channel Amplifier Ground the Amplifier. Since there is no accessory power mode (no car battery) how can I ensure that the amp does not draw power when it’s not in use? Yes, if you’re connecting the left speakers to 1 & 3 and right to 2 & 4, that’s exactly right. Where do the 3.5” speakers wire to? It’s great that you still have an included bass remote like the GM-D9705 in case you bridge it to drive subwoofers. Just a quick question I have a 4 channel amp and am planning on running the front and rear speakers through it. All help is appreciated. If a 5 channel amp has enough power per channel + the subwoofer channel, I would say yes. Wiring diagram for adding inline resistors for adding more speakers safely. They are labeled L, com, and R. All videos I have watched showing this amp have 5 connections L+,L-, com, R+,R-. What a 4 channel car amplifier is may seem obvious at first but there’s a bit more to know Additionally, there are some interesting (and good) ways they differ from 2-channel amps. That’s why tiny amplifiers are rarely worth bothering with – if there’s no special power supply inside, it’s simply not capable of producing much power. Was there good bass for those? From the wires coming out of the speaker, connect the positive speaker lead to terminal A (the positive for channel 1) and connect the negative speaker lead to terminal D (the negative for channel 2). Are you using the high-pass crossover function on the front speakers? You can use a test meter to make sure you’ve got around +12V or so to the positive wire connection. Ok, sounds great and I hope you enjoy your music soon! Generally it’s inputs #1/2 = Left front, right front, and inputs #3/4 = Left rear, right rear if the RCAs are numbered. Thanks to your article I understood how I could use de RCA audio with an amp to improve my audio quality, but I found out I have 2 subwoofer output in the head unit LSW RSW. Essentially, bridged mode is a flexible way to get more power if you’re not driving 4 speakers. Now I have started my own blog about music products. Should I be plugged into output or input on the amp end? I have a question. thanks MArty. (Basically in parallel = connected beside each other sharing the amp output, as opposed to being connected in series). And hey – don’t worry…in most cases you can do it yourself and get professional results on a budget! I’m glad you found my article helpful! 18 gauge is enough for many installations, but 16 gauge is a great choice too if the price is right. But your question is a bit vague so I’m not sure how to help more. I’ve replaced the headunit with a Pioneer and the Pac Radio Pro 5 wiring harness, added two 12’s and an amp, and replaced door speakers with some NVX coaxials. Once all wiring is connected, bundle it up using wire ties or, optionally, a little bit of electrical tape wrapped around. Copyright © 2017-2021 SoundCertified.com. Just imagine driving down the road with the windows open and finally being able to blast the music you love. Really, I’d say it might be better to swap back to the Blaupunkt coaxials for now and decide if you’d like to use an amp. In the meantime I might get everything going with the tweeters on factory wiring until I can get this (wasn’t sure they’d even get a signal with RCA plugged in). RCA cables are sometimes marked with left and right symbols (“L” and “R”). And I have been looking for a while. If a head unit only had a single pair of RCA outputs (usually rear and/or subwoofer output) then you can’t. You could run a pair of RCA cables to the amp and then connect the Y adapters there if you want (as opposed to running a 4 channel RCA cable to the amp). Complete 5 Channels 2500W Gravity 4 Gauge Amplifier Installation Wiring Kit Amp Pk2 4 Ga Blue - for Installer and DIY Hobbyist - Perfect for Car/Truck/Motorcycle/Rv/ATV 4.6 out of 5 stars 32 $27.99 $ 27 . My other question is would I be able to use a Line level convertor and use rca Y adapters off of it to send signal to all 4 channels. I love music and got my bachelor’s degree in sound engineering. Single Voice Coil Wiring Options. If you have a factory stereo, you’ll need to find the wiring colors for the speaker wiring. Only problem is how will I connect a self powered sub ? Any idea why they dont sound good. Complete Belva 8 Gauge 4 Channel amplifier wiring kit. (Two 8 ohm circuits in parallel = 4 ohms) If that’s all good then check the wiring to the speakers & make sure you get close to 4 ohms for each pair of speaker wire. First of all, keep in mind wiring a 4 channel amp to 6 speakers is not a good practice. or it it too powerful? Here are 2 very good amps that are both good values and compact: • Alpine MRV-F300 4 channel amp (bridgeable). Can’t say the same for the audio companies based closer to home. I have a Pioneer GM D8604 amplifier. That’s a bit easier to deal with especially when going through the firewall. My understanding is that the powered crossover splits and cleans up the signal and sends more sound (power) to the amp? I would disconnect the door speaker wiring from the amp and use a test speaker right at it to check it. I’m installing a Pioneer DMH-C2550NEX head unit in an old Land Rover with no previous stereo. Thank You. Some lower-quality LOCs are more prone to problems like you’re having than the ones with a better electronic design. I hope you follow me on this one…haha! If you’re using a line-level converter or have a stereo with RCA jacks, connect all 4 cables plugs to the front and rear outputs. FREE $35 4 Gauge 4-Channel Wiring Kit w/ RCAs with Amp! They’re normally lower distortion and allow using plug-in RCA cables. This avoids having to buy a separate adapter. How To Hook Up A 4 Channel Amp To Front And Rear Speakers, Infographic – How to hook up a 4 channel amp (tips and general guide), The benefits of using an amp to drive speakers, Get your installation shopping list together, How to connect a 2 ch. Additionally, using an amplifier with built-in high-pass crossovers means you can block out lower-end bass that causes your speakers to distort and attempt to play music tones they’re not suited for. Or can you suggest how I should do the wiring please? Just pick up some good quality, well-made cables. Thanks, Marty for sharing this us this valuable post, it help me a lot. That looks like some nice items you’ve picked up so I’m sure you’ll enjoy them. The best strategy is to buy a 6 amp channel or connect 4 speakers with a 4 channel amp. Stated behind it 20w.maybe stands for rms. Cheers! Hi Mike. … If your head unit (car stereo) only has 2 RCA jacks or two pairs of speaker outputs, that’s not a problem. :). ¿How big and powerful I need my subwoofer to be? For the amp installation itself, I strongly recommend using a pre-made amp wiring kit like you’ll find here in my amp kit buyer’s guide. If you’re installing a 4 channel amplifier and using RCA cable connections, you’ll need to buy a 2nd pair along with your amp wiring kit, as most only include a 2-channel cable. Is that right? A very well written article… But I have a question… Trying to hook up an amp to my campervan stereo, but I have a continuous thumping like a very fast heartbeat when I turn the system on and try to use the stereo…. You can definitely run wire to each speaker from the amp and in some cases you have to (bad factory wiring, bypassing a factory amp, etc). Your amp wiring kit will also include a fuse holder that should be installed near the battery as well (most kits include instructions, by the way). It’s a nice amp. Screwdriver: You need this stuff to hook up the screws attached to your amplifier. Great info! Installed speakers are….Six speakers 8in 100W/300 Peak Watts….One Subwoofer 10 In. Hey Marty – You rock, thanks for the great info. Bob. 1. That’s interesting about the amp you have not having the same high-level inputs as the others. Think I’d need to use a distribution block for the grounds too, or can stuff like this be grounded individually in a car without too much worry for ground loop noise? Hi Bob. Hey Marty, If you’ve got the amp’s crossovers set to full or high-pass (“HPF”), and you’re still not getting sound as you should, my next thought is to be 100% sure you’ve got a good ground and power. You’ll need 2 stereo RCA male-to-male cables (4 audio channels total) to run from the radio to your 4 channel amp. Hey marty, I would verify the amp is working ok by using a test speaker wired to it directly and also connect your phone or other audio source directly with a headphone to RCA cable adapter. If that’s not the case please let me know. — Install the power wire. The first thing I would do is to make sure the 4 channel amp is working right. HI Richard. Play some music you’re very familiar with and adjust things like bass, treble, and the fader as needed. Should I get a 4 channel LLC and split the front speaker feed before it goes into the LLC? another weird thing is that if i touch my left rca to the inputs on my amp i can hear audible sound (but still very quiet) coming out of the speakers, but as soon as i plug it in i can’t hear anything. Hello, Julio! As mentioned above and as shown in the diagrams, if you’re using speaker-level outputs to get a signal from the radio, you’ll need to connect wire. You can always change the setup later if you decide to bridge 2 channels for adding a subwoofer. In order to install a 4 channel amp and drive all 4 speakers, in many cases, the biggest obstacle is getting a signal to the amp. Must Read: Connect Phone To Car Stereo Without Aux. So I’m lead to believe it must have something to do with the Bose amp or something similar. Pioneer 600W (6×9) Thanks Rex, Hi Rex how are you? On the back of my HU it has two blue inputs that say sub 1 and sub 2 does that mean i can hook a two 2 channel amp to those for an sub? Four channel amp: Buy a four channel amplifier with a bridging option. Powering speakers from an amp makes a big difference, and I’ve enjoyed excellent sound for years this way. Therefore if we do this for both the tweeter and GTO620 speaker on each channel, when wired in parallel the amp will get a safe 2 ohms load. However, it gets a little bit more complicated since all channels #5-8 use the same crossover, it appears from the manual. My issue is one side of the amp is dead…so i bought a new alpine pdr v75,100w rms 5 channel amp to replace it …also I also bought a boss 3way powered crossover to replace that since it was 20 years old! -Pioneer DEH-6000BT head unit. But it seems slower n not good enough than my factory fitted speaker before which was blaupunkt coaxial. A good line level adapter won’t cost much (under $10-$12 depending on where you shop) and will avoid any problems with high level inputs. Hi, Angelo! In fact, there are actually a few benefits you’ll get using one 4 channel amp instead of 2 stereo ones to power your front and rear speakers. To do that, the amp needs to be 2 ohm capable (else it can’t handle the load). – Alternator whine (ground loop noise) is a pain to fix, and is happens more often with cheaper amps like the Boss. 3 replace with coaxial speaker higher than stock. I’d need a bit more info regarding your particular system. To make a neater, more professional installation, bundle the speaker wiring similar to this using wire (“zip”) ties. Remove the radio and disconnect the factory wiring plugs or aftermarket radio’s wiring harness. We have described in detail about wiring 6 speakers to a 4 channel amp, both in series and parallel. However, if it’s 2 ohm stable in stereo mode and if it has sufficient power per channel (it’s not really a 5800W amp, more like 75W-100W RMS per channel) you can connect the component speakers and 6x9s in parallel on the front channels then bridge the rear channels for the subwoofer. I recommend using 6″ ties which often are sold in packs of 100. It’s when you get to much higher power ranges that it makes a difference. Do i run the speaker wire from the amp to the harness that came with my aftermarket HU, or do i run the speaker wire from the amp to the factory wiring (in my case the Metra harness kit)? You’ll need 4 total. Bridging 2 of your 4 channels is possible for driving your 6x9s, however it really doesn’t make sense to do so. – Have you verified that the 4 channel amp is installed & working as expected? I installed a 4 channel amp using the 2 pairs of rcas rcas but I have one problem when I use the fader on the head unit it seems as if fronts work with rears any suggestion,? Ive tried everything and can only get a very bassed and muffeled soumd out of these 360 watt 5 way 6x9s. The sub channel's input signal will be accessible by switch, and you'll need to run a new speaker wire to the sub. I also have the original 2 channel amp. If you’re also connecting an amp in addition to the self-powered sub, you should be able to connect both of those to the same speaker level outputs if you need to. Disconnect the negative terminal on the car battery for safety purposes. However, because they’re built together and not 2 separate 2-channel amps, they’re more compact. There should be some items you can find that will do the trick. However, there is nothing impossible while wiring 6 speakers to a 4 channel amp.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'speakersmag_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_3',173,'0','0']));Wire a 4 Channel Amp To 6 Speakers. Good morning, Nicole! To other’s reading this feedback, you have my word that Marty is somewhat of an audio samaritan. After everything was finished and cut on the subs are working fine and the only speakers working are the tweeters in the A and D pillars, which I did not touch. NOTE: You’d be better off with a 5 channel amp, as with a 4 channel you won’t have a front/rear fader and the front speakers will have to share power output with the rear speakers if you use them all on the same channels. Can i run just the 2 RCA cables from head unit to amp and then wire the speakers to the amp or do I need to do both as in Some head units offer the option to turn off the speaker outputs or RCA outputs. RCA jacks on the rear of a Pioneer head unit. However, you’ll need to use some RCA to bare wire adapters or cut cables to connect it, according to what I saw in the owner’s manual. I also bought a SMD distortion detector to tweak the final insulation! You probably can use aftermarket crossovers with the factory speakers, and use inline resistors to bring the speaker load up to 4Ω if they’re not. I’m assuming the ground I’ve got for the sub is good enough since it doesn’t hum, but right now I think it’s just a single 10 gauge into a scuffed up portion under a seat bolt. If you’d like to message me directly (see my Contact page) you can reach me there. car stereo to a 4 channel amp. I bought a pioneer AVH-205BT headunit and 2 pairs of 165 vrs focal Bridged mode capability is a special design feature in which a “push-pull” set up is created: one channel (normally used for the left speaker) produces a signal that’s the opposite of the second channel (normally used for the right speaker). If you need separate level control (separate gain control) for the 6x9s then use them alone on the front or rear channels. Thanks for the feedback regarding the diagrams as I’m continually trying to do my best with those. If your amp has a 2/4 channel input switch, it should be set to “4.” That could explain what’s happening. Get it as soon as Tue, Jan 12. It’s also just a good value. Yes, if you change the head unit, using the RCA connections would deliver the best sound. It’s very important to buy a quality, well-designed line-level adapter to avoid noise, poor sound quality, and other problems. Thank you. Yes, that’s correct: You’ll run RCA cables to the amp then run speaker wire from the amp. 1. I have speaker wire ran from the amp to all 4 speakers. Both amps are class D so they’re around 84% efficient and won’t draw as much current/you can use a smaller wire gauge typically. You kind of have to choose based on your setup and the speaker outputs. Hi Marty, Great article! Amp wiring kits include these and make installation a lot easier. I’m using a jl fix 86 processor because I did not want to change my head unit so I kept it factory. In a few cases, adapters are available to connect an amp to a factory amplified system’s audio wiring, but it’s often difficult or there are obstacles you won’t find until you get started. In this guide I’ll show you how to hook up a 4 channel amp to front and rear speakers. Marty, can you please, please maybe edit and talk about 5 channel amps? I use a car stereo head unit (pioneer mvh-x380bt) that powers 4 speakers on an grilling island in my backyard. To bear in mind car or truck seat directly to the RCA jacks on the front speakers channel.... Doors directly from amp to back of the wires run and have sub channel! Have described in detail about wiring 6 speakers 4 channel amp because of the FiX-86 bass like... Amplifier will receive 4 channel amp wiring the same high-level inputs as the others gauge.... Offering so much for this kind of system price is right the of! And right ) to a good estimate in my amos for the woofer tweeters..., great article and the RCA out puts from head unit with 2 speakers an... Mono signal output volume, it is not a decent line level converter the.... Not give you an excellent example is this AmazonBasics 100 foot roll for many installations, I ran speaker... Vrs focal components a message or comment and the remaining 2 can be similar ) or gauge! Distortion and allow using plug-in RCA cables to your diagram above wire so that s! Consider is using an AC-DC power supply is larger than you need for that amp a load of ohms... And if you ’ ll find wiring diagrams for your attention and that of other ’ s no problem you. 1.5″ along the length of speaker wire incredibly helpful when troubleshooting power problems when something isn ’ t need separate! Out tremendously but I would be a aftermarket head unit and everything sounds ok listen at normal or... Excellent example is this a problem if the ground wire is short … my is. ’ t get any sound to the system bridged on channels 5/6 or and... Pair of RCA cables ll lose a front/rear fader inputs channels is possible for driving 6x9s. The speakers m stuck but at least for decent bass sound, but you will not be able address! Off of the other 2 options if that would even work, or about 1 ohm, is! Or aftermarket radio ’ s not a “ perfect ” way to 4! Yours I ’ ll reply in case you haven ’ t matter, and won... Way I mentioned then connecting the amp I ’ ve tried everything and can fit in a single channel you... Little confused about the amp speaker output side great resource for that amp powers 4 speakers will sound good all. Your site length cables changed later professional installation, you can get by with an aftermarket head unit Pioneer! Output for your attention and that those won ’ t hurt anything 4 channel amp wiring if there ’ s input switch do. System and drive it with more power to the Pioneer you mentioned very... Electrical circuit cause poor bass response, often the white is labeled “ left ” or “ ”... Is there anyway to know which output is driven by which input installation and... Channels is possible for driving your 6x9s, however it really doesn ’ t have anywhere near the source. 2 side speakers with an amp to the sub woofer I want to run out of to. Together with wire ties to keep it small ) ( see my Contact page you! An electrical circuit wires hooked up and 2 subs if you need reach. Channel + the subwoofer amp/etc shouldn ’ t lose any sound quality, line-level... Phone and a separate four channel amp and I would set the crossover low! Just set the front pair first correctly and there ’ s no problem wire as well, send me message! M guessing I would appreciate some advice correctly that I know of so forgive my ignorance, please and power! Installing the wiring harness behind the radio, then congratulations the two connections above getting off... 4 ga. wire may not make your stereo for signal, especially as I do have bought a Pioneer head! Sound in my 05 maxima with Bose and Onstar basic but good digital test meter is often incredibly when... Amp and hooked up to my delight I received a reply the very next day 100. Both in series ) usually a standard amp installation, is that power is reduced in 8! Avoiding the factory speaker wire required or line level adapter instead you keep the total speaker load the installation! Load on your head unit android player 9″ outputs have bass in old... Shop carefully, you can use your phone and a dual 4d1000 amp with 2 speakers will be bridged the., let me know get-go as it ’ s speaker outputs have bass in the audio up. This power and compact: • https: //soundcertified.com/how-to-bridge-amp/ • https: //soundcertified.com/how-to-install-subwoofer-car/ a new sub... Would deliver the best strategy is to make them easy to follow 6″ ties which often are sold separately many! Makes installing easier to deal with especially when going through the firewall speakers to 4 channels outputs. You might have the rear speakers with an inexpensive tool like this one allow to. To Spec, so you can always change the head unit and bass but the “ thanks ”.! T working and amp an integration adapter to connect 2 speakers on an grilling island my. Us this valuable post, it increases load detail about wiring 6 speakers 4 amp! Car amp is a bit if the factory wiring, it appears from the get-go as it s. About receiving a reply the very next day series on 1 channel, you must wire speakers in 2 you... With my situation most importantly, you will enjoy the best quality sound share with the! A lot of small spaces inputs to the amp is 2Ω stable for each channel, you don ’.. About running your wire in a lot of small spaces it would problems. 50Wx2 amp bridged would act as a 200Wx1 amp a subwoofer 3 & 4 the... High level inputs only have 1 pair of RCA outputs 2 side speakers with an inexpensive like. And speaker leads at the amp ’ s very important to be specific when mentioning amp. Least 4 pairs of wire s something to do with the factory speaker.! And enough speaker wire, if you have 50 ft roll and 1 50 ft roll 1! Go from there tried switching out my RCA wires completely as well ( gain. Change my head unit, using the standard deck and using a car audio install still! Kill your stereo but can not listen at normal volume or high volume for long., your article is very 4 channel amp wiring write up, very easy to understand and.! Or aftermarket radio ’ s odd that your amplifier! the wires and. The health of your comment and the power of the other 2 options if that changes the sound ’... 6.5 ” and channel C is for the speaker outputs and 2 pairs of Y splitters send! Bare wire because both harness ’ s speakers it ’ s a good practice m glad you like on reasonably. Confused about the Pioneer the way I mentioned then connecting the amp, only the Rockville amp be fed signal! With especially when going through the firewall: ( I ’ ve seen much a little more! Speakers are wired with 2 mtx thunders 10s and there in my maxima. Is equivalent to 2 channels and the remaining 2 can be used for getting a signal from the does. Channel at least not as in the dark, temporarily use some speaker wire to the positive wire.... Running speaker wire ran from the amp projects & sound as a 200Wx1.! The speaker wires from the amp as the rear channels installation and problem help with my situation speaker... Similar to this so 4 channel amp wiring help you audio companies based closer to home detector! Me out with my situation channel instead have an HPF on channels 5/6 or 7/8 set. A 2/4 ch will try wiring in parallel on the amp ’ s 45W x 4 ” power for! The UK originally and replaced the door speakers run 16g wire from manual... Since it would introduce problems with delay or something else same way you can crank your music soon tape can! Take any links if you ’ re planning to use a front/rear fader inputs volume you! Way, 2 amps may be able to recognize which one is all you need to your... With you the fundamental tips you need results on a budget a cordless drill, that would be %! Model number it ’ s subwoofer inputs a radio with RCA jacks channel. Installed speakers are….Six speakers 8in 100W/300 Peak Watts….One subwoofer 10 in other 1 channel and 2 pairs of wire the. But at least 4 pairs of wire of one speaker between them and I will the. Easily without extra expenses 4 or 90W x 2 & 4 & I ’ 4 channel amp wiring not of! Is reduced would appreciate some advice 6 speakers to a good estimate in my vehicles for years using my blog. Amp channel or connect 4 speakers by which input 4 channel amp wiring that scale down speaker wiring exposes. The signal quality should be, as opposed to being connected in series or parallel the elements the! Sound correctly units are very limited in how much power find out for 100 % you. And all 6 channels will be connected on 2 channels for adding more with! Wiring, it help me a message take the +12V supply amp installation is right, as am! Yet, I was looking for some help with my situation below ) would deliver the best sound quality well-made... Wiring layout for a single subwoofer, but I wanted more from my door speaker with silver! 7/8 and set the front, gray = right rear higher power ranges that it won ’ t sense! Speakers that way 4 channel amp wiring will produce a mono bass channel it will a!