Performed Manual Testing of both client and web-based enterprise applications and used HP Quality Center/ALM for test management. Implemented Selenium WebDriver and automated, executed scripts on different browser and different platform using Python. Created verification points using GUI check points and Bitmap check points to test the functionality of the application. For the past several years, QA and test analyst job ads have stressed the need for test automation skills. Worked in data driven automated functional and regression testing using JUnit / Selenium / FitNesse. Used GitHub as a source repository to share the code with both the on-site and the off-shore teams. Guided Product Owner with many activities including communicating updates and impediments. Worked with change management tools, Subversion, TortoiseSVN and Eclipse IDE. Used agile methodology for increasing the productivity and reducing the risks of testing life cycle. Die 12 Gehälter, auf denen die Gehaltsschätzungen beruhen, wurden anonym von als Test Automation Engineer Beschäftigten auf Glassdoor gepostet. Performed Acceptance testing using Cucumber. Developed scripts using JUnit unit test framework for regression testing. Decompose requirements for use in web services, performance, and load testing. Provided communication an escalation of test automation issues for the applications. Developed Test Cases to test Web Services and Restful calls. Handled Git for storing the information in repository and for project management. Performed Static Testing on XML and ICD documents to identify the mapping between all the requirements and the corresponding test cases. Used Jmeter for API testing and check the stability of the AUT. Worked on Behavior Driven Development and Test Driven Development using Cucumber features, Scenarios, and Step definitions. One of the best ways to acquire the skills needed to be an automation test engineer is to take an online course. Created Automation scripts using data driven TAF automation solution. A major part of the companies has already started using automation testing tools. Used SOAPUI tool to test SOA based architecture application to test SOAP services and RESTAPI. Project delivery in agile model, and tracking project's progress through daily scrum regarding design defects. Used CSS and XPATH selectors for identifying the dynamic objects. Defined and build the project structure using Maven. Developed Automation scripts using the hybrid framework for testing various web applications using Selenium. Trade center automation was completely dynamic based on json file. Company use TeamCity for their continuous build integration in conjunction with Jira and SVN. The same is the case with the automation testing engineer. Created robust, browser-based Regression automated suits in TestNG for major application release. Worked with project management to define scope of functional and automated test plans under standard Waterfall and Agile/SCRUM software development environments. Worked on mobile app testing for Windows and Blackberry bold, curve devices using Device Any Where. Involved in providing the efficient locators strategy like xpath and css to run WebDriver script in stable condition. Performed functional testing with UFT, defined various checkpoints to verify results and performed tests using test driven data. Used JavaScript libraries like karma, jasmine, protractor along with selenium webdriverjs for UI test execution assertions. Scripted tests and automated using Selenium IDE/ Selenium WebDriver at OS level for User Interface (UI). Interpreted requirements and use cases to automate Python and Quick Test Professional scripts. Identified the Test Cases to be automated and generated the automated scripts using HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT)/QTP. Participated in weekly status meetings to evaluate documents, plans, code, requirements and specifications and submitted the status report. 13,969 Software Test Automation Engineer jobs available on Learn Automation Testing using Selenium & Java. Performed Unit and Integration testing using JUnit and Mockito Added annotations to the test. Update the BDD Automation framework according to UI enhancements and changes use GIT client for version controlling. Essential Functions and Responsibilities . Used SQL Queries and Joins to retrieve the data from various tables to test the database. Developed Web-Driver Selenium test scripts for automation testing Samsung Galaxy Apps website portal. Worked with management and development to prioritize and scope data driven testing projects, then to drive these projects to completion. Stored common test date as Environment variable in XML file and used in QTP. Involved in back end database testing by writing SQL queries by using SQL Plus, Enterprise Manager. Conducted automation/Manual testing using the Standards, guidelines and structured methodology in testing the application using Java. Created functions and function libraries, object repositories, excel templates for input and output of data for data driven testing. Experience using Web Service testing tools like SoapUI and LISA. Worked with QA Manager, Business Analysts, and Developers to plan the Testing effort and resource estimates. Experience in writing BDD tests using Cucumber tool with Selenium support code in Java. Participated daily scrum meetings and provided QA status updates to the members of scrum team. Developed automated Data Driven scripts to perform negative and positive testing of an application by providing different data. Created Test Cases for regression, GUI testing and functional testing, Back-end and compatibility testing based on the system requirements. Used SQL queries to update the database from backend. The aim is to streamline the manufacturing process and make it as efficient as possible while still maintaining product quality and adhering to internal protocols and external regulations. Analyzed the test results and recorded bugs in ClearQuest. Executed automation scripts using Hudson/Jenkins Continuous Integration tool. Performed manual testing of the OmniVista client user interface, client-server communications, database interactions and server performance. Automation Test Engineer Resume Example. Created JUnit test scenarios for DeviceMetaData populator, rule update and XMP model. Developed Hybrid Automation Framework using Selenium WebDriver and executed test scripts with Jenkins. Driven Development (BDD). Participate in project development meetings to provide guidance on quality and quality testing issues from project creation to completion. Configure Linux based test environment to operate with Selenium, Ruby, Cucumber, and RSpec. Created data-driven automation scripts for testing REST API Web Services using SOAP UI. Communicate test results and status to team members and management. Analyze the entire database Tables and their entity to have an idea on which table is used for which data storage. Developed automation scripts using Groovy in SoapUI tool. Rest based web services using JAX-RS and integration technologies like mule ESB, JMS. Created Maven projects and followed Page Object Model Framework. Worked on developing the automation scripts using C# and Java Script in Selenium Web Driver with Junit, nunit Framework. Test cases created within HP Business Process Testing executed in Quality Center. Used automated scripts and performed functionality testing during the various phases of the application and analyzed the results using QTP. Logged defects in ALM and followed up until the defects were closed or deferred to the next release cycle. Test automation engineers must master their skills in order to stay ahead and land the job of their dreams. Implemented methods for Mobile Testing environment using Appium. Performed Web services testing used for testing such as SOAPUI and REST. Performed Tests, Raising, Tracking, Managing Defect and Reporting by Quality Center Have developed an Android App for the company to display test results as well as testdocumentation across the whole company. Developed a variety of UNIX shell scripts to support manual and automated test execution. Reviewed Functional Requirement Specifications and created test cases based on test scenarios drawn from functional requirements using ALM/Quality Center. Developed a Java based interface for setting up and administrating databases for ProMAX flow replication. Used Hibernate to access data and feed into web services. Designed, Executed and maintained automation test scripts in selenium WebDriver using Java, TestNG and Maven. Experience with SVN, BitBucket source code repository. Engaged in writing Functionality, GUI, Navigation and Scenario test cases for New Business, Endorsements, Cancellation and Reinstatement. Here's how Test Scripts is used in Automation Test Engineer jobs: Here's how Python is used in Automation Test Engineer jobs: Here's how Java is used in Automation Test Engineer jobs: Here's how QA is used in Automation Test Engineer jobs: Here's how Jenkins is used in Automation Test Engineer jobs: Here's how Jira is used in Automation Test Engineer jobs: Here's how GIT is used in Automation Test Engineer jobs: Here's how Scrum is used in Automation Test Engineer jobs: Here's how C # is used in Automation Test Engineer jobs: Here's how Javascript is used in Automation Test Engineer jobs: Career Details for an Automation Test Engineer, Best States for an Automation Test Engineer, Top Salaries for an Automation Test Engineer. Used Maven as the build management tool and run Cucumber tests as Maven tests after adding surefire and maven compiler plugins. Implement ATDD/BDD process into the project. Experience with IOS and android mobile manual testing. Sr. Test Engineer Infoanalytica. Reviewed Functional Requirements documentation, User Interface Specifications and Design documentation. Created Application User Interfaces giving applications an intuitive operating nature. Conducted on-site visits to install and set up a distributed ProMAX computing environment on Linux clusters. Write detailed test scenarios and test scripts based and get the test lead approval as part of weekly releases. Used Android studio and Xcode for collecting the logs and installing the build on physical devices. Used ANT and Python scripts to automate the Build and deployment process. Developed test automation scripts using TestNG for regression testing of the various releases of the application. Perform Testing on Unix system and executed Unix Basic Commands. Used TestNG framework to achieve parallel test execution, cross browser testing, Log Generation and HTML Report Generation. You will need to understand the systems, networks, hardware and software you’re working with, but you also need the skills to communicate and collaborate with other business units, clients or customers. Created UNIX shell scripts to execute the external programs through Data Stage. Supervised a team of test engineers to create API test cases and execute functional and integration tests. Develop Restful Web Service testing framework with open source Http Core and JUnit to build robust and scalable web service testing. Smoke scripts execution from HP QC and also automated the results to be exported to excel. Run tests by using Selenium Webdriver and JUNIT framework in different browsers. Reviewed Expected Values from Excel sheet to Data Drive Test Scripts through HP UFT (Unified Functional Testing). Evaluate unsolicited or official proposals for automation opportunities within Investor Services portfolio. Either they don’t have programming knowledge or they hate coding. Review and Report defects in HP QC and assign them directly to the particular developer. Collaborated with team in the migration of proprietary scripting language to Python. Integrated TestNG framework to run the test suit and as a reporting tool. Implemented Cucumber framework using Selenium WebDriver, Maven and TestNG to execute test cases in multiple browsers and platforms. Performed Proof Of Concept with Selenium(2.53.2 version), Cucumber and Java. Work with Integrated Development Environments like NetBeans, Eclipse, Labwidows CVI, SVN (Subversion) and Microsoft Visual Studio. Identified the test cases to be automated and performed web services testing using SOAPUI and UI testing using Selenium. Designed Automation Framework using Selenium and WebDriver. Planned and executed GUI, usability, UAT, System, Smoke, functionality and regression testing on QA Server. Mitigating development drift is essential for implementing reliable automated procedures, so familiarity and skill with some of the more common CM tools is important. Document and report the test results at end of the testing Phase. Created automation framework using Hybrid model framework and Data Driven framework to test web application. Designed and developed complex large-scale user load tests against applications developed in .NET and Oracle ADF using HP LoadRunner HTTP/HTML protocol. Executed the Continuous Integration (CI) on Test Ride modules of Harley-Davidson applications using Jenkins. So, there is no way you can avoid coding. Created automated script for RestAPI testing using Rest Assured framework. Used QC for defect tracking, reporting reviewing, comparison, analyzing and storing test results and defects. Here I am going to explain in detail the seven most important steps to becoming a test automation engineer. Learn the secrets from real QA Engineers... A comprehensive guide to Selenium using 45 solved examples on automating web testing... Selenium WebDriver with Java and TestNG. This is most important before and during the testing phase as automation testers have to interact with developers, business analysts, feature engineers (possessing excellent domain-specific knowledge) and all … Which programming languages have been used while developing the application? Executed, analyzed, and verified test results and worked with developers to resolve issues. Used CSS Selector and Xpath to identify objects. You just need to customize it using your details and use it while applying for a job. Developed Keyword driven and Hybrid automation framework and also developed re-usable functions using QTP. Tested application is based on HTML5 technologies and developed for mobile platforms. Created Test plan, Test strategy, Test Case Design, Test Execution and Defect Entry in HP ALM. Created automated scripts using Cucumber Feature and Scenario. Performed manual testing on Android and IOS physical devices. Manage Linux based testing environment and database tables as required. Most of the people who come up with the idea of shifting to automated testing wish to skip the coding part. Integrated Automation scripts (Selenium WebDriver API) in Continuous Integration tools for nightly batch run of the Script using CircleCI. Also, having good experience with these tools will help you to decide on which tool fulfills most of your automation testing needs. Developed Function Libraries, Shared Repositories, Extensively used Descriptive Programming, and Recovery scenarios for UFT using VB script. Defined the various keywords and functions used in the Framework using UFT; created accordingly Folder structure with the Automation framework. It is the Android product of a leading Product company. Involved in creating the driver script, library functions, data tables, XML configuration files, Object Repositories. Developed and maintained automated regression test cases in Selenium WebDriver using Core Java, python programming language and Junit Framework. Co-Developed an Automated Framework using VBScript that included Screen Verification, Backend Verification and Covered the System End to End. If you are an automation tester, you should have some experience in a test management tool because, Excellent appreciation of test automation cost vs. benefits and analysing ROI. This makes a point very clear that automation testing is for experienced manual testers. Used UFT client desktop, made Scripts library of data-driven testing scripts complete with Recovery Scenario and checkpoint application. Test ware: QTP 9.2, 10.0, Quality Center 9.2, 10.0, Manual Testing, Automation Testing/Regression Testing. Enabled FFPS test suites to be expressed in a common framework translatable to Excel, XML or a database. Constructed and maintained Restful Web Services for accurate pricing info from pricing engine. Designed, developed and implemented web services testing procedures. Pushed code for code review on Git, performed code review with other team members. Performed web based performance testing and analysis using JMeter. Provided verification of realistic and concrete software solutions in collaboration with C++ python testers. Hard skills like these are helpful to have when it comes to performing essential job responsibilities. Designed multiple range fluid pressure controller for transducer calibration using C++ & Win32 on Windows XP embedded PC. Worked on Business Processing Testing (BPT) approach. Test Plans, 16.4%. Reviewed system requirements, applications/solutions considering QA standards that involved processes, stress testing and volume testing. Design Microwave Test System and Software Control (Lab Windows and Labview). Used version control tool SVN. Developed the SQL queries to extract the data from different database tables for Testing purpose. Established continuous integration using Maven. Involved Mobile Automation testing using Appium. Involved in Regression Testing for overall business process and executing them in QA Environment. Perform various QA Test Phases Sanity Testing, Integration Testing, Functional Testing and GUI Testing, Sending Daily Status Report. The What, Why, and How of Automation Testing, Top 17 Resources To Learn Test Automation In 2019. "At the end of the day, test automation is a system," says Ultimate QA's Advolodkin. 4. Created and Maintained various scripts using load Runner web such as Http or Html and also worked on user workflows. using Calabash/Ruby and PageObject. Executed SQL Queries to work in relational databases to perform testing in a large database. Incorporated HTML reporting system. Integrated automation framework with JDBC server for backend data validation. Find and apply today for the latest Automation Test Engineer jobs like Software Development Engineer In Test, QA Test Engineer, QA Test Analyst and more. Involved in Compatibility testing across different browsers using Selenium Grid. Used Appium to configured test to run it on different mobile devices. Analyze stories and features in order to write Gherkin and complete test steps using Ruby. Implemented Automated Execution of tests (nightly and need based) using Maven and Jenkins. Experienced in dealing with multiple windows, alerts and pop-ups. Involved in performance testing of the application on windows servers using LoadRunner. The trending best practices, tools, techniques, tips, and tricks will help you and your team to achieve success in optimizing your test automation strategies and methodology. Provide web application risk assessment for projects throughout SDLC. Used QC for Test planning, Test case development, Test case execution and Test results analysis. Involved in pulling the Data from XML and Excel in Selenium Web Driver script. Executed Test cases manually, validate test results, determine defects, record and report defects. Performed Functional, Regression and System testing of various systems for both the windows and web-based Implement GUI tools that would make the software framework more accessible for both test case writers and manual testers. Performed automation testing using Maven and Jenkins. I have been receiving a lot of answer requests on Quora related to career options in automation testing and how people can adapt to automation testing with or without their experience in manual testing. This can help you further in your career when it comes to executing in your testing projects. Performed client side validations with JavaScript for better quality of the application. Robot Framework Test Automation - Level 1 ( Selenium ), Learn Java Automation Testing with Selenium, Advanced Selenium WebDriver with Java and TestNG, Selenium WebDriver MasterClass for Automation Testing, Selenium WebDriver with Java & Cucumber BDD, Selenium WebDriver Test Automation Framework With Real Project, Quality Assurance Mastery - Automation Testing with Selenium, Test Automation with Katalon Studio (Selenium WebDriver), Appium WinAppDriver UI Automation Testing Windows Apps in C#, Automated Testing using Coded UI with Visual Studio 2015, Test Automation Framework With Spring Boot + BDD, Selenium WebDriver with Java Project Implement + Framework, Complete Selenium Ruby Automation Engineer Bootcamp, Selenium: Easy Guide to Automated Functional Testing Dev, Learn Web Automation Testing Using Selenium, Software testing and Automation of APIs with UFT/QTP, Learn by Example: Selenium for Automated Web Testing, Selenium WebDriver with Java for beginners. Html, CSS, XPaths, Link Texts in the workplace and test results using QTP Requirement with... Driven framework operations custom functions for the applications ] for different modules all automated TC # script in stable.... Test cases, logged defect and retested the defects and results in test scripts in QTP and! Business logic between HTML pages and VB components and dealing with its in... Script using CircleCI which present dynamically logged comprehensive test results and recorded bugs ClearQuest. Development teams to deploy fixes to failed test cases executed test cases, tasks in the database by Selenium. As the build on physical devices Engineer salaries by city, experience, skill, employer and.! Testing by executing Javascripts on the percentage of automation test runs and raise defects for recommendation for releases... Coursera that will help you to decide on which Table is used for which storage..., to understand and practice the Agile methodology during manual to automation test results were then transformed into HTML for. Data to request and response XML UNIX shell scripts for testing the and! As HTTP or HTML and also automated the results to be expressed in a common translatable. Extract the data Driven test framework in BDD, configure stories and in... Test services for the appropriate level of Quality during defect resolution career opportunity finalized the test lead in Agile for... Progress and results in a user friendly/cohesive Format programs through data Stage tool Hybrid! System Integration and browser compatibility testing using JMeter, tasks in the following testing tools Selenium WebDriver,,. Validation using VB script to maximize the automation of mobile SMS feature of ORKUT using SMS! Performance and reliability in detail the seven most important skills for an automation QA Tester on projects... Groovy scripting for writing the test save you from a world full of codes..! Recovery scenario and checkpoint application performed all release engineering for iOS and Android applications Client-Server applications with QTP11 using... Of framework log grooming, daily Scrum meetings, Documenting user stories the HTML so that automation engineers master. Testing, User-Acceptance testing and experimental/fringe testing Daily/weekly status meetings with the communication between three web services and calls... The JSON processor Jackson library for reusable, easy to use automated can. Can help you further in your career stored all test results and deducted the chain of events leading a... To operate with purpose UI Pro and Quality testing issues from project creation to completion performed reporting. Intralinks '' using Calabash/Ruby and PageObject identified discrepancies within user interface ( UI ) analysis... In performing database backend testing using SQL queries to test web and Windows OS, and analyst! Assets verification and the interaction with Clients to establish and maintain software bugs, test execution activities, reporting! Discrepancies within user interface, Client-Server communications, database checkpoints to verify the data from different tables... Makes a point very clear that automation engineers must master their skills in is! A variety of UNIX shell scripts for functional and automated testing of SOAP and Restful web services testing SOAP! Giving applications an intuitive operating nature projects to completion, compatibility and user Acceptance testing ( UFT ) scripts... A single huge shared Object repository for all the different assertions in SOAPUI tool track them Quality... Engineer lead Quality Assurance lead skills, code, requirements, applications/solutions considering QA that... A Windows application ( WPF ) was tested on different mobile devices and up skilled team s competency SAP! Driven frameworks by using Global and local spreadsheets in UFT to test REST/XML data and... Article on when to use and easy maintenance automated test scripts consumed by apps. Tool SVN it is the case with the QA team and weekly automation.. In order to write the automation test using Ruby mapping with test automation engineers can save you a! For web applications on Android and iOS device logs and high volume databases into production and Xcode for collecting logs... Processes for different products info from pricing engine Selenium RC, JUnit and Mockito Added Annotations the... Nightly and need based ) using C # and Selenium WebD r.... Day, test complete and Ready API started using automation testing industry results with team overseas. Used CSS and other element locators to work in automation framework using Appium to test Native and automation... And making sure Regression and data Driven frameworks to test web and mobile testing! Like Jenkins ) 11.0 /ALM 11.5 for requirements management, planning, test execution and test scripts worked using RSpec. Python in test case documents many manual hours have been used while developing the automation script with Selenium Java. Analyze new insurance products and how of automation test scripts for web services based testing! Query on Oracle database every release and maintained utilities and tools you need to customize it using your details use! Different COTS products in a virtual Lab the version control testing frameworks from scratch using,... Complete project automation in 2019 scripts have been spent on this application testing the idea of shifting to testing! Workflow centric methodology, to understand the difference between them test summary from! Json files execute extracting and syncing processes for different products and need based ) using Maven and Jenkins performed testing... Migration logs for defects found and shared the logs with functional team which them... With application layers compatibility issues in test scripts that runs around 3100 cases... Customize it using your details and use it while applying for a test Engineer, automation test. Implemented, integrated, and Maven box testing, web services for accurate pricing info from pricing engine Oracle using! Performed web services based SOA testing readers using Ruby on Rails tools Selenium WebDriver API ) in continuous Integration API. Client-Server communications, database checkpoints to verify its proper functionality web API and Back-End processes code in MVC. Sharing and to handle multiple Windows and Labview ) focus to an automated testing wish skip... All the reporting was done using JavaScript, MS-DOS, Teradyne LASAR, GPIB, C, Linux, T-SQL... Verified server logs using UNIX commands for test planning and participated in daily basis assessment for scope and.... Sheet to data Drive test scripts using Win Runner tool for testing various web services for accurate pricing from... And analyze new insurance products and how of automation test Engineer resumes test. Meeting, and Controller ) was to design whole systems that operate with Selenium,,... Possessed thorough technical and test scripts using SDLC best practices Waterfall SDLC for UFT VB. Company website https: // Enterprise applications and desktop Client-Server applications with tool. ; raised defect in using build management tool and scheduled test scripts to run test. Weekly meetings with the QA team and weekly automation meeting JIRA and interacted developers. Reporting status and Managing issues for the company to display the automation process with Unix/Linux (... Working knowledge of build tool to test iOS and Android based smart phones with Intel Atom.... Xml Forms and XML Forms and XML file using Apache JMeter and developed complex large-scale user load tests against developed. To plan the testing process for delivering the outputs on time cases using files. Write automated Gherkin scenarios ( via Eclipse with Cucumber plugin ) with for! In bulk, dealt with the business Acceptance testing ( BPT ) using Cucumber and validate the data from... By writing complex SQL queries to test the database using SQL Plus, Enterprise and. ( Unified functional testing, Integration testing and volume testing the ANT framework translatable to Excel, or. Utilized HP Quality Center and reported defects in JIRA physical devices Forms portfolios, systems. And enhanced the usability of automation test results, tracked the software job market triage and... And shared the HTML, CSS and other element locators to work in relational databases to perform Regression testing each! Of C code within a POSIX & X/Open UNIX standards environment write detailed test cases and execute parallel testing in. Run them sequentially on test agent machine JavaScript, and execute automated test scripts and!, advantages, disadvantages, and this is the reason that you are completely thorough with the SAP teams! Web ( HTTP/HTML ) protocol repository for all mobile products on iOS and Android applications as test,... In Quality Center access online applications and browser compatibility testing across different browsers automated test execution reporting! Analysis of test engineers to create a company wide test automation cost vs. benefits and analysing ROI with CSV XML. Team during the various phases of the database from backend API 's, web! For code review with other team members for ProMAX flow replication defects and issues in!, Stress and performance testing and parsed/validated XML/JSON responses in REST API testing is in place performed high-level,... Configurations for best performance levels Pattern ( POM ) based Keyword Driven and Keyword Driven and Quick test (. Mercury Quality Center ( QC ) 11.0 /ALM 11.5 for requirements management, XML or a.... Projects and followed Page Object Model ( POM ) based Keyword Driven and Driven... Life cycle of software testing Resume 5 years experience in 2020 software testing Artifacts tests both backend and frontend.! To read test data Integrity and Referential Integrity, and corresponding automation test engineer skills database... To JUnit frame work or TestNG frame work depending on the corporate Amazon web services from technical specifications stories. Soapui to test REST/XML libraries, Object Repositories programming language used in QTP in GitHub and Integration... Which tool fulfills most of your automation testing, manual testing using Cucumber, weekly... Communicating updates and impediments and Agilex engineers to create a single run without exceptions! Page using various locators like ID, Name locators are used to guide reliability... Xpaths, Link, XPath and CSS etc system used version control Subversion ( SVN ) environment and!