New Zealand: NIL; Wool: Australia & New Zealand : NIL. The user assumes responsibility for determining if Spinosad Insecticide is safe to treated plants. Sempra Herbicide Approved: 22 July 2016 Box Label Page CAUTION KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN READ SAFETY DIRECTIONS BEFORE OPENING OR USING Sempra® Herbicide ACTIVE CONSTITUENT: 750 g/kg HALOSULFURON-METHYL GROUP B HERBICIDE For selective post-emergence control of Nutgrass in Sugarcane, Corn/Maize and Sorghum; for the selective post-emergence control of … Azera effectively controls insects through three modes of action: contact, ingestion and insect growth regulatory activity. Apple. Cisneros, J. et al. Yates Nature’s Way offers a full range of products that are certified for use in organic gardening (by Australian Certified Organic) and help control common garden insect pests. May irritate the eyes. MRLs were recommended for many crops and animal commodities. Surmax TM 100 is approved for use in Australia but is not distributed. The major components of spinosad are spinosyn A and spinosyn D. Toxicokinetics. Pesticide properties for Spinosad, including approvals, environmental fate, eco-toxicity and human health issues . This medicine may interact with other drugs or health problems. Biopesticides are a diverse group of pest control products based on naturally occurring biochemicals, minerals and microbes. Au Reduced impact. To find supplemental information on this product in a registered state, please use our Label Finder tool. Spinosad is an insecticide based on chemical compounds found in the bacterial species Saccharopolyspora spinosa. Download Label. Spinosad. 131126 (Australia-wide) CHEMWATCH 1800 039 008 24 hour emergency contact number ( spills and accidents) Section 1 - Identification Product Name: ElancoAH0492 Extinosad Lice, Fly & Maggot Eliminator Other Names: Spinosad Aqueous Suspension; Spinosad Suspension Concentrate Manufacturer’s Product Code: AH0492 UN Number: None allocated Toxicity. Crops. You must check to make sure that it is safe for you to take spinosad with all of your drugs and health problems. (2002). Spinosad 255 255 5.22 SPINOSAD(203) RESIDUE AND ANALYTICAL ASPECTS Spinosad was first evaluated by the JMPR in 2001 for toxicology and residues and then in 2004 and 2008 for residues. Important Safety Information. The CCPR (35th Session, 2003, paragraph 135, ALINORM 03/24A) advanced the draft MRL for spinosad for cattle milk to Step 5 while noting the … Features. A selective insecticide for use in top fruit and field brassicas for the control of caterpillar pests and in allium crops for useful control of thrips. Biol. 2 Spinosad 168316-95-8 45% Other ingredients 55% 3. Rosalind Dalefield BVSc PhD DABVT DABT, in Veterinary Toxicology for Australia and New Zealand, 2017. View the product label for Conserve SC from Corteva Agriscience. Toxic effects of spinosad on predatory insects. Bulldock 25 EC Insecticide Product Label Download. The 2011 Meeting received residues studies from the manufacturer to support additional maximum … Azera® Insecticide is a premium organic product with multiple modes of action that provide excellent control of the hardest-to-kill, hard-bodied pests as well as quick knockdown and kill of the most destructive soft-bodied insects. Follow label application rates and intervals between applications in order to avoid increasing selection pressure. Spinosad. Tracer ® is a suspension concentrate containing 480 g/litre (44.03% w/w) spinosad. For more information please contact: Landseer Ltd 01245 357109. We pay our respects to the people, the … In contrast, the same batch of spinosad was highly toxic to WFT adults. If in doubt about a sensitive species, spray a small test area on a plant before treating all plants or trees. Labels. Visit us today for the widest range of Garden Pest & Weed Control products. Avoid contact with eyes. The active ingredient in Success is spinosad, the first of an entirely new and revolutionary class of insect control products called Naturalyte. Therefore, Dow AgroSciences is promoting resistance management of spinosad through labeling, education and marketing efforts in support of good stewardship and IPM practices but not because of any underlying concerns that would affect spinosad more than any other active ingredient. Patents Listed in the FDA Orange Book Drug Database of Spinosad with information and expiry/expiration dates Prior to use, please consult the product label for complete instructions. See active ingredients, product application, restrictions, and more. Produced through the fermentation of a naturally occurring soil bacterium, spinosad, the active ingredient in Entrust SC, provides control of insects such as worms, thrips and leafminers. Do not give spinosad to an infant younger than 6 months of age. Visit your local store for the widest range of garden products. Spinosad, the active ingredient of Conserve SC, is derived from the fermentation of a naturally occurring organism and is highly effective on tough-to-control insects such as spider mites or thrips. There is little known risk to workers and applicators and no specific protection requirements are listed. In laboratory trials we found freshly dried (2h) residues of spinosad at the full labeled rate were not repellant to either N. cucumeris or I. degenerans and did not increase mortality for either mite species, compared to that of untreated controls. In protected situations the total number of applications of any spinosad containing product must not exceed 6 per glasshouse/protected structure in a 12 month period, regardless of the crop being treated (including ornamentals). Tell your doctor and pharmacist about all of your drugs (prescription or OTC, natural products, vitamins) and health problems. Spinosad is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, with T max 2–4 hours after administration. The ISO common name, spinosad, denotes an insecticide consisting of two components, called spinosyns A and D (which may be referred to simply as A and D, below). Download Product Label; Download Safety Data Sheet ; Supplemental Information. Our Customer Service has made Fernland the Trusted Name in Horticulture for Over 40 Years. Hazards Identification May cause slight eye irritation. Spinosad, derived from naturally occurring bacteria, effectively controls common fruit fly. Spinosad Insecticide has been tested on a variety of herbaceous and woody ornamental plants without phytotoxic symptoms. Read the label before use. Broccoli. Tracer ® Label; Tracer ® Safety Data Sheet; Jump To: Crops. Speed of action and in vitro efficacy of spinosad against sheep body lice, Bovicola ovi (Schrank) (Phthiraptera: Trichodectidae), resistant to pyrethroid, organophosphate or insect growth regulator insecticides. Spinosad has been fully labeled in the United States for use on stored wheat, maize, sorghum, barley, oats, rice, millet, and birdseed at 1 ppm (1 mg/kg) with a tolerance of 1.5 ppm. In order to reduce selection pressure for non‐target pests, avoid broad‐spectrum insecticides when narrow or specific insecticides will work. Labels. Contains spinosad, a powerful active ingredient that provides rapid knockdown of ... Certified as an 'allowable input' on 'organic' properties that are accredited to the National domestic standard of Australian Certified Organic. Buy Your Quality Insecticides Online at Wholesale Prices. Check out our range of Insecticides products at your local Bunnings Warehouse. Spinosad is valued as an active ingredient in part because it has little effect on non-target predatory pests. References: 1. Nufarm Australia > Sentry; Sentry imiCrops. ... Customised in-feed probiotic solution Elector™ Premise Spray (spinosad) Target darkling beetles and nuisance flies. First Name* Last Name* Email Address* Phone Number. Spinosad is under patent in some countries (Australia, Japan, UK), until December 2009, and in the country of technical product manufacture (USA), until March 2015. Ask us a question. . If you are a farmer, agronomist or distributor in Australia with a specific product query you can contact our technical helpline. Laser 240 SC is a biological shock-absorbing insecticide, acting by contact and ingestion, to combat pests from vineyards, fruit trees, potato vegetables.Laser 240 SC has an effect and ovicide on some species.Laser 240 SC has a lasting efficacy of over three weeks, ensuring crop protection during this period, the product should not washed by rain two hours after application. The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority acknowledges the traditional owners and custodians of country throughout Australia and acknowledges their continuing connection to land, sea and community. In Australia, four insecticides, ... applications of spinosad at the beginning of three subsequent flocks with what were then the Australian commercial label rates for spinosad (first application: high dose label rate of 0.13 g AI/83 ml water/m 2 of treated surface; second and third applications: low-dose label rate of 0.07 g AI/86 ml water/m 2 of treated surface). They generally have very low toxicity to humans and are sustainable with minimal environmental impacts. Material is toxic to aquatic invertebrates and fish. The bacteria produce yellowish-pink aerial hyphae, with bead-like chains of spores enclosed in a characteristic hairy sheath. An ADI of 0-0.02 mg/kg bw was estimated and an acute reference dose was determined to be unnecessary. Australia January 2018 WHAT ARE BIOPESTICIDES? Label; Group 5 insecticide targeting darkling beetles and nuisance flies . Conserve SC is friendly to beneficials and causes less impact on certain predatory beneficial insects than many other synthetic control products. All our products are made from natural ingredients such as plant extracts, oils and beneficial bacteria to achieve a healthier and safer growing environment. Natural metabolites. Our Customer Service has made Fernland the Trusted Name in Horticulture for Over 40 Years. Australia EXPLANATION Spinosad was first evaluated by the JMPR in 2001. Many can be used in organic production. Control 23:156–163. Order Your Quality Insecticides Online at Wholesale Prices. Withholding periods (=withdrawal times) in days for meat & milk (country-specific differences may apply: read the product label) Meat: Australia: off-shears and lambs 14 days; long wool NIL. The genus Saccharopolyspora was discovered in 1985 in isolates from crushed sugarcane. These insect control products are natural metabolites derived from living organisms. 2. For the pre-emergence control or suppression of certain annual grass and broadleaf weeds in imidazolinone herbicide tolerant, wheat (single gene) and canola; and for the early post-emergence control or suppression of certain annual grass and broadleaf weeds in imidazolinone herbicide tolerant canola and wheat (single gene).