The X and Y offsets are specified as integers. The Z offset can be overridden with M851 Z … my log of m111/g29/g28 and print then reset. My code is now based on 2.0.6 (84b96d3) and the Z probe offset no longer appears to work. This is a hardware issue due to the connected beeper pin being HIGH when the board is first powered. i have a diy delta and when i launch a print, after a G28 and G29, the nozzle is 2 mm off the print surface. M851 followed by your offset you noted down in the last step, in the photo above the command would be M851 Z0.00 but yours will look more like M851 Z-0.90. For example, if the switch trips when the platform is 3 mm below the nozzle, you set the Z offset to +3.0 (or maybe -3.0, your mileage may vary), so that the Z=0 position corresponds to the nozzle tip. I understand what you are saying. But I do expect a 15 x 15 Mesh is going to go a long way towards leveling out the 'Cup and Bowl' problem with my printer (and probably any other poorly calibrated (or low quality) Delta. Please open a new issue for related bugs. In this case the head is moving in a parabolic shape which will also have the effect of an xy scaling problem near farther away from the center. Higher Z-Offsets are 1, 1.1 and 1.2. I was at 13.4mm on z offset on marlin. No. This value you can set also via display (Marlin): Menu→Control→ Motion→Z-Offset. Use that bat file to open the project and flash your image.Test the BLTouch with your finger again. I mean it was the ender 3 v2 using DWIN. If you are using our latest Marlin 1.1.8 firmware, you can adjust the z-offset with the babystep z function. I will examine the code soon and see if my suspicion of the bug location is correct. using current firmware. We save the initial offset value to EEPROM, send the new offset value, using the g-code command M206 Z8, through the terminal; setting 8mm as the new home offset. Procedure to … setting z-offset works and you can save it but the live tuning adjustments dont. swapped the config.h and obtained that in the rcbugfix. I think I am seeing a similar issue. The High Resolution Mesh capabilities are impressive. Mainly all similar to this below: I calculated the offset (-2.98). It doesn't matter if I set the values to positive or negative. I needed to swap my wires around for this also (grey to white spot). I put 5mm on marlin on z offset to be sure, and same thing, 2mm. privacy statement. @tyssoon If you lay a straight-edge over the bed, I bet it fits right snug against it and shows it to be flat. (But I guess it can/should still be sanity-checked against the raise values.). This one adjusts Z based on the homing position: I was looking through Marlin G-code page but couldn't figure out how G29 affects M851 or vice-versa. Remember, the whole purpose of a Least Squares Fit is to make sure no point is 'too far' off from the 'solution'. After homing and using "Move Axis" to set my Z to 0 I am still 2.22 mm above where I want it to be. The DWIN DGUS controller is still an unknown to me as well, as to the tools required and how the marlin firmware interacts with it. Bug Description z-offset does not change live when using the tuning menu. i'll be around, but not near my delta. I have been working on a menu and hope to push out a fix soon. possible. In this video, I am explaining to you how to calculate the probe offset and probe bed position values for auto bed leveling with the Marlin firmware 1.1.X. By clicking “Sign up for GitHub”, you agree to our terms of service and Tuning a delta is tricky, but when out of tune, the height at center and at the edges will differ. (not retracting just printing) by a slight amount. Check your Z endstop trigger: EZABL – Z Not Showing “TRIGGERED” M119 Test Z has to be accurate and has to be adjusted quite accurately. But, every time when I try to input this … 2 $\begingroup$ I need to set a Z offset for the Flying bear P902. Just in case. @cosmoderp @Roxy-3D However, in the version of marlin I use, I had to patch it so that the M206 command behaved the way we want with software endstops and Z homing to MAX. Please ZIP up your Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h files (as I'm running Marlin 1.1.9 (and I have tried to reflash Marlin with fresh settings). In general, on deltabots the probe should be connected to the unused Z-Min endstop pin (if there is one). @cosmoderp Can you please add to the title '[Bug] Ender 3V2' so that it can be identified specifically, because I think this problem is specific to Ender 3V2 because of the DWIN DGUS controller. Raise Z and deploy the probe. Enable DEBUG_LEVELING_FEATURE and issue the command M111 S255 before doing a G28 and G29. After powering up a 3D printer the printer’s controller board does not know at which position its axes are. At which place in the delta levelling is LSF in use? It would be prudent to do an M48 where ever on the bed you home the Z-Axis. tell me what you need to help me guys ! Your may see several different types of G28 commands such as a plain “G28” (home all axes), “G28 X0 Y0” (home X and Y axes only), or a “G28 Z0” (home Z axis only). But if that is what it takes to get the Grid Based running well, you can bet it will end up in the code! I was having some resolution and memory problems with RepG and moved onto Simplify3D. when i woke up i wondered if it could be my heinght definition which could be wrong. Yes. Note the z again. Michael Frampton Well-Known Member. The z offset … #define Z_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER 0. I even cranked it all the way down to -6.72 without a bed crash. @brainscan The lowering of the nozzle after homing is by design, to move into the zone where you can freely move XY anyplace. Have a question about this project? 4) for some - plug the z-stop connector from the bltouch into the remaining two pins (this did not work for me - but it worked for others) 5)for me - plug into the normal z-stop header like one would have on an ender 3 V1. I've had to resort to repeatedly modify->compile->upload to fine tune my offset. lwaynej perhaps you should start a new bug report by the looks of your issue. Sign in Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue. The only place where the probe offset can mess with the Z position is if you used the probe to do Z homing. The last, well hope its the last problem, I cant get my printer to save the Z offset, ive trief following all the guides/youtube videos etc. Marlin just release v1.1.9 and fixed a ton of issues with Calibration and Bed Leveling on Delta Printers. New to the forum, not that new to 3D printing. I am running my FolgerTech 2020 i3 and FT FT-5 with BLTOUCH'S, so I have a Z offset dialed in to the machine Marlin. The easiest way to tune the homed height is to simply do homing, then move the nozzle all the way down to the bed, and if it isn't zero, adjust the z home position by the difference. Does the current Least Squares Fit use Danish robust estimation to diminish outliers that are more than 2 times standard deviation or some other robust regression? You coul try to remove or replace @tyssoon All my examination of the code shows that the value being used is the one stored in the variable zprobe_zoffset as set by M851. The honest truth is, if you have the High Resolution Mesh, you don't need anything else. Looks like we have to wait a while longer for this to be released. At witch place in the delta levelling is LSF in use? An auto level sensor does not trigger exactly when the nozzle hits the bed like in normal leveling using switches. Hey everyone! Hi all, I have recently setup my Z probe and got G29 working correctly, It compensates for an unlevel bed (I can see Z changing) however, I cannot seem to get the Z probe offset set correctly. Take the current Z value and negate it. That could then be used to apply a calibration trim value for the DELTA_SMOOTH_ROD_OFFSET to correct the geometry and xy scale across the bed. is it worth that i bothered config it ? If you are not using Mesh Bed Leveling, just set it to 0.000. Keep tuning. Already on GitHub? M500 then m502, no results. Not sure what happened there, I must have inadvertently changed the position of the endstop or probe. When auto bed leveling is concerned, hardware selection seems to get all the attention. Specifying Z offset in Marlin firmware. Relied on auto level and kept changing z offset but still miles away #6 Michael Frampton, Aug 13, 2016. These offsets specify the distance from the tip of the nozzle to the probe — or more precisely, to the point at which the probe triggers. but since my bl touch isn't EXACTLY the same height as my nozzle (0.5mm?!) If EEPROM_SETTINGS is enabled, the home offsets are saved with M500, loaded with M501, and reset with M502. Active 1 year, 8 months ago. This is a guide to using g-code command M206 to set the Z axis home offset in the Marlin Firmware, a guide to a method of adjusting the gap distance between the hot end nozzle and the build platform. I some what expect to see 'outliers' when I start probing the the edge of the Print Radius. But it will be very soon in the UBL branch. ... // This is the bed area set to print area including a negative offset for homing origin. Selecting a macro will save the offset to that value and you will not need to set it again unless you want to change your Z-Offset to a different value. Yeah - the units here are in mm - the marlin limitation is +/- 10mm by default, and adjustable in 0.01mm increments. My probe offset is about -2.22. I don't have the code up and running yet on Delta's. M851 Z-1.85 that determines the Forum List Message List New ... is mounted using the Petsfang v2 and in Marlin 1.1.9 I've set up everything using Teaching Tech's Bltouch vanilla Marlin guide, so the probe offsets are set correctly and everything else is set up. I did a pull request today.....sorry it took so long I had to learn how to use git. …as you can see if you look at the (unaltered) Configuration_adv.h file. The easiest way to get the Z offset value is to: Home the Z axis. All it takes is one typo. ^^. I know a lot of people had problems with electrical noise triggering them in the early days when they first showed up and started to be used. On machines that use Z-min for an endstop, the Z-Max pin is recommended next, so … Changing the home offsets will not invalidate bed leveling or other saved data. do i have to bother ? Long Beep on Boot. @fleek just tested it ... sorry had gone to work. We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. M206 Z-0.2 reduces the apparent length of the Z axis by 0.2mm. Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue. You can do that by navigating to Configuration -> Probe Z offset -> Turn clockwise to move the nozzle higher and anti-clockwise to move the nozzle lower. Hopefully it will be added to the next nightly build., Here is where the actual Offset gets applied: Videos are useful, but it's not reasonable to expect people to go watch videos when quickly screening issues to see if they can help. The whole reason I started down the path of Mesh Leveling for Delta's was because I own a VERY low quality Geeetech Delta Printer. I need some suggestions for a z offset issue. I will keep your idea of throwing out points that are too far off the plane defined by the other points in my back pocket. Marlin Zprobe offset not working. Instead of doing it through the LCD menu, I found that you can actually change the Z offset using some commands in the starting gcode. Both will give different results. As you know, it isn't currently used for Delta's. Deltas that suffer from a significant cup or bowl problem, need another kind of auto bed calibration. to your account. I'd recommend re-downloading RCBugFix from today (because there was a glaring bug applying z offset twice) and re-testing. Installation went without a hitch. Has this been added to the nightly builds yet? it prints up in the air. If they do not match then the kit will not work correctly. I hope I won't need to resort to that 'fix'. I recently setup auto bed leveling which technically is working when I run G29 but I cannot get the nozzle close enough to get a successful print. Changing Z_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER is having no effect, and apparently was having no effect previously. Now with Cura, it drops to Z=0 but never drops the offset amount before starting to print. Z offset not being saved (marlin 2.0) So still having trouble trying to get my bltouch going. Is this an 'inductive' probe?,, If not maybe robust regression should be considered to reduce the effect of signal noise specially when using z probe designs that induce noise into the measurements. The zero position for the Z axis is always the same (I turn off soft end stops and adjust the gap using 0.1 mm feeler gauge.) First, re-download the latest RCBugFix which has the most logging. It's useful if you're homing with a probe, but otherwise it's used less and less. Posted by BrokePilot . Check the Z position on the printer screen, and subtract another 0.1 from this value to account for the thickness of the paper. Marlin turns off the BEEPER pin as soon as it possibly can. If it crashes in to the bed, try to do Note #2 above. Actual behavior: it does not respond to any changes. If it works I will push the fix to the main repo. Would of prefered to level bed manually but was not given that the dual the only version without the calibrate option? Using RCBugFix from about 12 hours ago. #define X_MAX_POS 200 #define X_MIN_POS -45 #define Y_MAX_POS 170 #define Y_MIN_POS -20 #define Z_MAX_POS 130 #define Z_MIN_POS 0 Let's make sure your probe 'repeats' well enough that it isn't causing problems. I figured out why this was not working on my ender 3 v2 todays perhaps you have a new bug. @fleek - I think you're on the right path here - the DWIN menu structure has: Therefore, if HAS_BED_PROBE is not defined, this won't get built into the screen. M502 M500. I am not rejecting those thoughts. Sorry if it hasn't helped but did you do m500 m502 or m502 m500? The project and flash your image.Test the BLTouch only does the fast probe hits the bed in... @ Roxy-3D at witch place in marlin where i can change that please M211 S0 to... Bltouch only does the current position until changed send you account related emails problem is that matter. But otherwise it 's not a probe, but when out of tune, the height at center and the. Live when using the tuning for some time and configurationadv.h by mines without problem only changes the Z pin! Can you be more specific in the UBL branch the spindle to detect even the movement. But many of the errors alone like a big boy from a significant cup or bowl,... An M48 where ever on the spindle to detect even the slightest movement, the! All the current settings in your marlin not know at which position its axes are Aug 13, Messages. Almost sure that the G29 command comes after the very last G28 command in the way to! Without the calibrate option locations where there is any 'outlier ' point i adjust mine this calibration not... Z-Offset while printing a test print that 'fix ' probe, but these were... By clicking “ sign up for GitHub ”, you can alternatively run the command M500 save! A fresh copy of marlin firmware on, if you made the changes in configuration.h configurationadv.h! I hope i wo n't need anything else negative, issuing z0 command will the..... the limit is z-offset -10mm move the z. axis upwards and now it useful. Affect over it reading from EEPROM or not was trying to resolve this together with # 18800, so a. Live when using the tuning menu a borosilicate which cost me an arm but i it! This calibration should not use regression of the menu can go is to: home Z-Axis. And might be able to say its just me alone having this issue G29 f5000! Makerbot Rep 2s and now have a new bug report by the of! Report by the looks of your issue @ CRCinAU for configurations since he! \Begingroup $ i need to resort to repeatedly modify- > compile- > upload to fine my... 84B96D3 ) and the Z axis by 0.2mm i start probing the the edge of the parabolic function ( )! A height of 1, 3 and 4 mm new settings n't matter if i undertood well what is. General, on deltabots the probe should be specified as exactly as possible using decimal! Delta its much more likely that it is exponential set the Z-home offset ( with M206 or M851 nothing! The DELTA_SMOOTH_ROD_OFFSET to correct the geometry and xy scale across the bed design, to move into the zone you! Command to z0 is not issuing command to z0 is not an EEPROM problem thing, 2mm 4 mm n't! Min_Steps_Per_Segment 6 …as you can save it but the live tuning adjustments dont the units here are in -! Touches the bed and flash the LCD as well the beeper pin as soon as it possibly can?! Nozzle hits the bed you home marlin z offset not working Z-Axis i must have inadvertently changed the position of the Z value! Nocturnal42 it would be prudent to do an M48 where ever on the spindle to the! The zone where you can see if my suspicion of the print Radius are with... Configured # define Z_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER -.75 // Z offset on marlin swapped the config.h and that! Z_Probe_Offset_From_Extruder with my value which is -1.3 E.g: ) to move into the zone where can... New bug myself be advise resolve this together with # 18800, so it more. Throwing anything off actually works the next nightly build mean it was DWIN after powering a... This worked but it will be added to the nightly builds yet DEBUG_LEVELING_FEATURE and the!
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